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Ik Mod from Music Teacher is an intensely romantic song which beautifully portrays how wonderful love is. Sung by the mellifluous Papon, this number has been composed by the maestro Rochak Kohli and penned by the poetic Aadheesh Verma. This song uses the guitars melodiously and this guitar based song has novice level guitar chords which the amateurs can play with ease. The Ik mod chords are D#, A#, G#, F#, F, Fm, Cm with a strumming pattern D DU UUD. The strumming pattern can be played with the mainly down strokes also and the key used in this melody is D#. The song has a moderately paced tempo with signature 4/4 beats and a soothing rhythm. From the filmi soundtrack genre, this song is a soulful rendition with a very relaxing effect.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Recommended Pattern: D DU UUD

d – Down Stroke on lower three strings
D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum
C – Chuck/Mute Effect

Ik Mod Guitar Chords

Song Key/Scale: D#
No. of Chords: 7
Chords Used: D#, A#, G#, F#, F, Fm, Cm
Rhythm Pattern: D DU UUD

[D#] Ik mod tu mili
[F] Zindagi
Kuch [G#] der to ruki
Fir [A#] kahan Kho [D#] Gyi

Mera [D#] Hath Thaamle
Chal [F] Waha
Jahaan [G#] ek ho sake
Ye [A#] Aasmaan
Or [D#] Zameen

Toota [G#] taara hu [Cm] me
Girta [A#] hu [G#] bewajaah
Tere [G#] saaye mein
[Cm] maangu me [A#] panaah

[D#] Aisa bhi kya hua
[F] Zindagi
Meri [G#] humsafar Bani
Fir [A#] Hui [D#] Ajjnabi

[D#] Ik mod tu mili
[F] Zindagi
Kuch [G#] der to ruki
Fir [A#] kaha Kho[D#] Gayi

Ik [D#] mod tu[A#] mili
[D#] Zindagi
[D#] Zindagi

[D#] Paaniyon pe jaise[Cm] koi
[A#] Tuta sa patta [F#] bahe
[Fm] Ye dil na jaane [G#] kyu
[A#] Tujh pe hi thehra [D#] rhe

[D#] Baadalo se jb dhoonp [Cm] ki
[A#] Resham kirnein [F#] bahein
[Fm] Ye dil najaane [G#] Kyu
[A#] Tujh ko he dhunda[D#] kare [F#] [D#]
[D#] Bta Zindagi

Tuta [G#] taara hu [Cm] me
Girta [A#] hu [G#] bewajaah
Tere [G#] saaye mein
[Cm] maangu me [A#] panaah

[D#] Jb se huve juda
Kya [F] kahun
[G#] Bechain sa phiroon
[A#] Darbadar [D#] Zindagi

[D#] Ik mod tu mili
[F] Zindagi
Kuch [G#] der to ruki
Fir [A#] kahan kho [D#] gyi

Ik [D#] modd tu [A#] mili
[D#] Zindagi
[D#] Zindagi

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Original Song Audio

Ik Mod - Male Version | Papon | Music Teacher | Audio | Rochak Kohli | Manav Kaul | Amrita Bagchi

Song Credits

Song Title: Ik Mod (Male Version)
Artist/Singer: Papon
Movie/Film: Music Teacher
Music Composition: Rochak Kohli
Lyrics by Adheesh Verma
Releasing Year: May 2019
Country: India
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Music Label: Saregama India
Feeling: Romantic

More about the song: This song has an intensely groovy feel with a profound sense of refreshment. The music has that unplugged vibe and that is why it is very endearing to the audience. Rochak Kohli has indeed done a commendable job in composing such an enchanting track. Like Pal, Rozana and Nain na Jodeen, this melody is another gem that Kohli gifted us with. The lyrics are very conversational and metaphorical and are filled with the flavour of romance and love. Papon has an extremely powerful and mellifluent voice which is immensely soothing to the tired and weary soul. This track also has a female version sung by Neeti Mohan which is very heart warming. Filmed on Manav Kaul, Amrita Bagchi, Neena Gupta and Divya Dutta in breath taking locales, the video is a delight to watch. This song is perfect for a pensive mood or for someone looking for repose in solitude. This track is nothing but bliss and is one of the best romantic songs, and for all the talented and amazing guitarists out there, this song is perfect for a jamming session or a performance in your college fest where you can show off your adept skills to the world.
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