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Tu Kalla Sohna Nai is a very beautiful Punjabi melody. Tu Kalla Sohna Nai chords are simple and easy and can be played by the beginners and amateurs too as well. There are 3 main chords of Tu Kalla Sohna Nai and they are B, F, E #. The strumming pattern of the chords is D D DU or DUD D DUD D. The song has been played in the B scale with a tempo of 92 and a signature 4/4 beat.Tu Kalla Sohna Nai guitar chords given here are verified and accurate. This sweet song has been sung by the mellifluous Neha Kakkar, composed by the versatile Rajat Nagpal and has been penned down by the poetic Babbu. The song is very groovy and will make you dance and sway to it. The video of this melody is a delight to watch and the on-screen chemistry of Asim Riyaz and Himanshi Khurana is a treat to eyes.

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Tu Kalla Sohna Nai Guitar Chords

Status: Accurate & Verified
Song Scale/Key
: B
Song Tempo: 92
No. of Chords: 3
Chords Used: B, F#, E
Strumming Pattern: D D DU or DUD D DUD D

Intro Music:
(B) (F#) (E) (B)
(B) (F#) (E) (B)

(B)Jo Jo Tu Keh Dena (E)Aye,
H(B)or Koyi Keh Sak(F#)da Nai,
Tu Jida(B)an Paange Lai(E)nae,
H(B)or Koyi Lai Sa(F#)kda Nai

Tennu S(B)had Vi Sakdi (F#)Aaan,
Rakh(E)eya Kar M(F#)era Dar V(B)e,

Tu Ka(B)lla Hi Sohna Na(F#)hi,
Jaa(E)ada Na Baneya K(B)ar Ve,
Tu Ka(B)lla Hi Sohna Na(F#)hi,
Jaa(E)ada Na Baneya K(B)ar Ve,

(E) (B) (F#) (B)
(E) (B) (F#) (B)

Thodi (B)Der’Ch Karda H(E)aa,
Har Phone Te Keh(B)na Ae,
Ki Pra(B)dhan-Mantri Ae(E)in,
J(E)inna Busy Tu Rehnac(B)Aey,

(B)Busy Tu Rehna Ae,

Mainu Mee(E)tha Ba(B)hut Pasa(E)nd Aey(B),
Kade Ca(E)ke Le(B) Aaya K(E)ar,
Kade Ha(E)ath T(B)u Fadeya K(E)ar (B),
Kade Pa(E)ir Daba(B)aya Ka(E)r (B)
Tere Ph(B)one’Ch Mere Na(F#)am
Aggey (E)Ik Di(F#)l Vi Bhar (B)Ve

Tu Ka(B)lla Hi Sohna Na(F#)i,
Zya(E)da Na Baneya K(B)ar Ve
Tu Ka(B)lla Hi Sohna Na(F#)i,
Zya(E)ada Naa Baneya (B)Kar Ve

Tu Ka(B)lla Hi Sona Na(F#)hi,
Zya(E)ada Naa Baneya (B)Kar Ve

(B) (F#) (E) (F#)
(B) (F#) (E) (B)

Chaahe Py(B)aar Naal Bes(E)hak,
Mere Vaal Na Patteya (B)Kar,
Gal Pu(B)ri Sunneya K(E)ar,
Wi(E)chon Naa Katteya Ka(B)r,
(B)Wichon Naa Katteya Kar,

Ohna Nu Hi(E) Chauna Aey (B)Tu,
Me Teri Ch(E)at’aan Kaddiyan N(B)e
Sb (E)Nu Unfollow K(B)ar,
Jo Tethon Um(E)ar’Ch Vadiyaan N(B)e,

(B)Babbu Tu Banda (F#)Ban,
Tere Bi(E)na Vi (F#)Jaana Sar Ve,(B)

(B) (F#) (E) (B)

Oh Ho T(B)u Kallaa Hi Sona N(F#)ai,
Zy(E)yada Naa Baneya Ka(B)r V(F#)e (E) (B)
Tu K(B)allaa Hi Sona N(F#)ai,
Zy(E)aada Naa Baneya (B)Kar Ve

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More About this Song: Tu Kalla Sohna Nai is a very heart-warming melody. The beats, the lyrics and the music all are nothing but splendid. The rhythm is moderately paced and will make you snap your fingers and tap your feet. The song hails from the feature film soundtrack genre and uses the different instruments quite euphoniously. The lyrics are quite conversational and have a romantic fervour imbibed in them. Neha Kakkar is as usual enchanting and her powerful vocals keep us totally mesmerised. This amorous track harmonises well with the lovey-dovey mood and serves as the perfect wingman on a romantic date night with your beloved by your side.


KALLA SOHNA NAI - Neha Kakkar | Asim Riaz & Himanshi Khurana | Babbu | Rajat Nagpal | Anshul Garg

Song Credits

Song Title: Tu Kalla Hi Sohna Nai
Singer/Artist: Neha Kakkar
Music Composition: Rajat Nagpal
Lyrics: Babbu
Guitars by Shomu Seal
Music Label: Desi Music Factory
Releasing Year: 2020
Language: Punjabi

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