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B Praak – Guitar: Mann Bharrya Chords with Strumming Pattern

Mann Bharrya Guitar Chords | I know we are a bit late to publish the chords of this song, but it’s never too late to do the good things 😀 So yeah presenting before you the chord progression of the Mann Bharya song which is one of the most famous and trending song by B Praak and the lyrics of this song are penned by Jaani and the music has been composed by B Praak and the song has been released under the music label of Speed Records. The chords of this punjabi song are in the scale of D major, the chords that we have used are D, A, C, Bm, Em, G, F#m. We also have the strumming pattern ready for you, we suggest you strum D UDUD UDUD DU or DUU DUU DUDU as the rhythm where D is Down Strum and U is Up Strum.

Suggested Strumming Pattern

Rhythm Pattern: D UDUD UDUD DU or DUU DUU DUDU

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Guitar Chords in Detail

Song Scale/Key: D
No. of Chords: 7
Rhythm Pattern: D UDUD UDUD DU or DUU DUU DUDU
Chords Used: D, A, C, Bm, Em, G, F#m

Intro Music:
D, A, C, A
D, A, C, D

D, Bm, G, A

[Verse Starts Here]
Vey metho tera [Bm]mann bhar[G]yaa
Mann [Bm]bharrya badal gya[A]saara
Ve tu mainu[Bm]chadd ja[G]ana
Galan [Bm]teriyaa to lgda aye [A]yara

Vey methon tera [Bm]man bhar[G]ryaa
Mann [Bm]bharya badal gya [A]sara
Ve tu mainu [Bm]chadd jaa[G]ana
Gallan [Bm]teriyaa to lgda aye [F#m]yaara

Gal [D]gal te shakk krda
Ait[Bm]barr jara vi nahi
Hun [Em]teriyaan akhhiyaanch
Mere laayi [D]pyr jara vi nayi

[Chorus Starts Here]
Mera tey[Bm]koi hai nai tere [G]bin
Tainu [Bm]mill jana kise daa [A]sahaara
[A]Ve tu mainu [G]chad jaa[D]na
Gallan[Bm]teriyaan ton lagda aye [A]yaaraa

D, Bm, A
D, G, A

[Verse Starts Here]
[D]Pyaar mere nu tu
Vey[Bm]majaak samjh ke baithaa
Me [G]sb samajhdi ann
Tu [A]jawaak samjh ke [D]baithaa [Two Times]

Tu [D]wakt nahi dindaa
Mennu[Bm]aj kal do pal daa
Tainu [Em]pta nhi sayaad
Ishq wich [A]iinjh nahi [D]chaldaa

[Chorus Starts Here]
Mainu tu jutti [Bm]thaley rakh[G]dey
Jaani [Bm]lokaan age bann na[A]vichaara
[A]Ve tu mainu [G]chadd [D]jaana
Gallan [Bm]teriyaan ton lagda aye [A]yaara

[Verse Starts Here]
[D]Tu sab jaanta aye
[D]Me chadd nai skdi tainu
[Bm]Taan he taan ungallan tey
[Bm]Rozz nachaauna aye [D]mainu [Two Times]

[D]Agle janam wich allaah
Aisa [Bm]khel rachaake bheje
Mainu tu[Em]banake bhejey
Tainu[A]main banake [D]bhejey

[Last Chorus Starts Here]
Vey pher tainu [Bm]pta lagn[G]naa
Kiwe [Bm]pitta jandaa paani khaara [A]khaara
[A]Vey tu mainu [G]chhadd [D]jaana
Gallan[Bm]teriyaan to lgdaa aey [A]yaara[D]

[D]Vey metho tera mann bharya …

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Original Song Video

Song Credits

Song Title: Mann Bharrya
Singer/Artist: B Praak
Music Composition: B Praak
Lyricist: Jaani
Music Label: Speed Records
Releasing Year: 2018
Country: India
Language: Punjabi

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