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Guitar: Khwaaish Chords | Sajan Patel

Khwaaish Guitar Chords | The key scale of this song is in Dm and we have used 7 chords in the chord progression – G, Am, Dm, F, C, Bb/A#, & A. The song starts with the Dm chord and the chords that we have used to cover the first paragraph are Dm, F, C, A#. This hindi song is lyristed by Hemangi Sharma and has been backed with the voice of Sajan Patel. Sajan Patel has himself composed, arranged and programmed the music for the song.

Guitar Chords in Detail

Song Scale/Key: Dm
No. of Chords: 7
Chords Used: Dm, F, C, Bb/A#, A, Am, G

(Dm)Me tumhe(F) milna chaahu
Ye(C)h meri(A#) khwaaish(Dm) hai
(Dm)Ek zara(F) tumko pa loon
Ye(C)h rab se(A#) guzaarishh(Dm) hai

Ye(Dm)h khwaahish(C) puri(Dm) kardo
Farm(Dm)aaish(C) puri(Dm) kardo na(A)

(Dm)Hohh…(C) (A#) hohh…(A) [Two Times]

(Dm)Me raat tu(C) chand(G) mera
(Dm)Kese tujh bin(C)me(G) rahu
(Dm)Tujhse hr(C) tamanna(G) meri
(Dm)Kaise tujh bin(C) me(G) jiyu

(Am)Dekhu me tujhime
(C)Sari(Dm) khushi
(Am)Is jahan mein tujhsa
(C)Kuch bhi(Dm) nhi(A)

Ye(Dm)h khwaaish(C) puri(Dm) kardo
Farm(Dm)aaish(C) puri(Dm) kardo na(A)

(Dm)Hoh…(C) (A#) hohh…(A) [Two Times]

(Dm)Tu na kbhi(C) ho(G) judaa
(Dm)Rabse(C) maanga(G) karu(Dm)
(Dm)Tu he bane(C) kaaya(G) meri
(Dm)Tera he me(C) saaya(G) banu

(Am)Durr kbhi tujhe(C) jane naa(Dm) du
(Am)Baahon mein tjhe me(C) aa bhar(Dm) lu(A)

Me(Dm) Tumse(C) bs(G) kehna(Dm) chaahu
(Dm)Tu he(C) aakhiri(G) khwaaish(Dm) hai
Me(Dm) tumse(C) bs(G) khna(Dm) chaahun
(Dm)Tu he(C) aakhiri(G) khwaaish(Dm) hai(A)

(Dm)Ho h…(C) (A#) hoh…(A) [Four Times]

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Original Song Video

Song Credits

Singer/Artist: Sajan Patel
Music Composition: Sajan Patel
Lyrics: Hemangi Sharma
Album Name: Khwaaish/Khwahish
Arranger/Programmer: Sajan Patel
Releasing Year: 2018
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Country: India
Music on: Zee Music Company

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