Love Aaj Kal 2: Yeh Dooriyan Chords with Strumming Pattern

Yeh Dooriyan is a very emotional melody. Yeh Dooriyan chords are simple and easy and can be strummed by the amateurs and the beginners too fluently. The guitar chords of this song are Gm, Dm, F, Eb, Bb. The melody has been played in the Gm scale. The chords of Yeh Dooriyan follow the strumming pattern of D UUD UUD.Yeh Dooriyan guitar chords provided here are accurate and verified. From the movie Love Aaj Kal 2, this song has been sung by the mellifluous Mohit Chauhan and has been composed by the versatile genius Pritam. This melody is a reprised version of the song Yeh Dooriyan from the film Love Aaj Kal which was the first part of this film. The song belongs to the feature film soundtrack genre and uses the various instruments like guitars and drums quite euphoniously. The number has been played with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat.

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Yeh Dooriyan Guitar Chords

Song Scale/key: Gm
Time Signature: 4/4
Song Tempo: 105
Chords Used: Gm, Dm, Bb, Eb, F
Strumming Pattern: DUD DU or D(c) UU(c)

Intro Music:
Gm Dm F D#
Gm Dm F D#

[Gm]Sach kahu [Dm]to [D#]honth jalte [F]me[Gm]re
[Gm]Chup rahu [Dm]to [D#]saans he na [F]aye [Gm]
[A#]Mushk[Gm]il hai bahut hi
Ab ch[D#]upaana ya bataa[F]na
[A#]Jyaada pa[Gm]ss ana
Hai as[D#]al me durr ja[F]ana

[Gm]Mere sath mer[A#]e
Zakham [Dm]bhi hai dard bhi[D#] hai
J[Gm]inse hai biga[Dm]dta
Jo bhi cha[D#]ahu me banaana[F]

Mujhe [Gm]nazdeekiy[Dm]o se meri[D#]

Yeh doori[Gm]yaan [A#][D#] [F]
Yeh doori[Gm]yaan [A#][D#] [F]

Gm A# D# F Gm Dm D# F [x2 Times]

[A#]Na shikaayat hai tujhe
Shikayat na mu[Cm]jhe
Ma[Gm]gar doori hai[A#]

Kya bh[A#]ala rok[D]e hume[Gm]
Badh[F]e na kyu ka[A#]dam
Agar doorie h[D#]ai

[Gm]Puchu tere baare[A#]
Chadhtey [D#]din se shaam se[F] bhi
N[Gm]a hai chain teri yaad se[D#] bhi[F]

Naam se bhi

[Gm]Aisa kyu hua hai
Ye p[A#]ata hai jaante hai
Tu[Cm]ujhse bhi muh[Gm]abbat [A#]
Hai muh[A#]abbat kaam se bhi
Yuhi naz[Gm]deekiyon[Dm] me rhi[D#]

Yeh door[Gm]iyaan [A#] [D#] [F]
Yeh door[Gm]iyaan [A#] [D#] [F]
Yeh door[Gm]iyaan [A#] [D#] [F]
Yeh door[Gm]iyaan [A#] [D#] [F]

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Yeh Dooriyan - Official Music Video | Love Aaj Kal | Sara & Kartik | Pritam | Mohit Chouhan

More About the Song: Yeh Dooriyan is a heart rending song. This revisited version is just as beautiful as the original one. The lyrics are conversational and touching. Parting and heartbreaks have been brought out in a very nice and poetic way through this melody. The music is soothing and refreshing. Filled with melancholy and pathos, the song runs on gently with no exciting and fast beats at the background. Mohit Chauhan has kept his magic intact in both the versions. His stellar performance once again keeps us awe-struck and spellbound. The melody harmonises well with the pensive and crestfallen mood.

Song Credits

Song Title: Yeh Dooriyan
Music Composer
: Pritam
Artist/Singer: Mohit Chauhan
Movie/Film: Love Aaj Kal 2
Releasing Year: 2020
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)

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