Guitar – Easy Happy Birthday Chords with Strumming Pattern

Easy Happy Birthday Chords – Guitar | Hello people, in this post we will be sharing multiple version of the Happy birthday song that you play on the Guitar & Ukulele. Most of the versions can be played using all the Down strums and you can also add the fillers to give some feel as per your choice. The first version that we’ve shared in this post is about the HBD Chords in G Scale.

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Version 1 – Happy Birthday Chords in G Scale

(G)Happy Birthday to (D)You

(D)Happy Birthday to (G)You

(G)Happy (C or G7)Birthday, dear (C)[Name of Birthday Boy/Girl]

(G)Happy Birthday (D)to (G)You

Video Tutorial for the Above Version

How To Play Happy Birthday on Guitar

Version 2 – In Same Scale (G)

(G) [Play Single Down Stroke Here]
(G)Happy Birthday to(D)You
Happy Birthday to (G)You
Happy (C)Birthday dear (G7)[Add Your Friend’s Name Here]
Happy(G) Birthday (D)to (G)You

We will soon update this post with few more version.
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