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First love is unforgettable. It is always special and has a different feeling altogether. You can not get over that love ever. Pehla pyar from Kabir Singh justifies this statement aptly. Sung by the mellifluent Armaan Malik, this song has been composed by the talented Vishal Mishra and penned by the poetic Irshad Kamil. This melody uses the acoustic guitars and the bass wonderfully and hails from the filmi soundtrack genre. Pehla pyar chords are simple and easy and the beginners can play them effortlessly. There are five chords of Pehla pyar which are E, A, B, G#m, C#m. The song has been played in the E scale. There is a smooth progression of Pehla pyar guitar chords and they follow a strumming pattern of DDU UDU . This track has a moderately paced tempo with a signature 4/4 beat and a very pacifying and relaxing tune which is quite addictive.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Recommended Pattern: DDU UDU

d – Down Stroke on lower three strings
D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum
C – Chuck/Mute Effect

Pehla Pehla Pyaar Guitar Chords

Status: Accurate & Verified by Team
Song Scale/Key: E
No. of Chords: 5
Chords Used
: E, A, B, G#m, C#m
Strumming Pattern

[E] [A] [E] [A]

[E]Ha ha ha..[E]haan…
[A]Ha ha ha..[E]haan…

[E]Baatein zaroori hain
[A]Tera milna bhi zaroori
[E]Maine mita deni
[A]Yeh jo teri meri doori

[E]Haa.. [A]haah…

[E]Baatein zaroori hain
[A]Tera milna bhi zaroori
[E]Maine mita deni
[A]Yeh jo teri meri doori

[A]Jhoothi hain woh raahein saari [G#]duniya ki
[F#m]Ishq jahaan naa [E]chale…
[C#m]Tera hona mera hona [E]kya hona
[A]Agar naa dono [B]milein

Tu pehla pehla [A]pyaar [B]hai [E]mera
Tu pehla pehla [A]pyaar [B]hai [E]mera
Tu pehla pehla [A]pyaar [B]hai [C#m]meraa
Tu [A]pehla pehla pyaar [B]hai [B]meraa haa…

[A] [B] [C#m] [C#m] [A] [B] [E] [G#] [A] [B]

[C#m]Haah [E]haah…

Woh [E]shehar bade honge [G#m]boriyat bhare
Rehta [F#m]nahi jinme [A]tu sang [B]mere
Khabar [A]tujhe bhi hai yeh
[E]Raunaqein sabhi hoti [G#]tere hone se
Tere [F#m]bina tanha [A]koi kya [B]kare..

[A]Aise sabhi [F#m]sheharon pe mujhko
[A]Taras hai aata [E]bada
[A]Tere liye main na [F#m]jahaan [B]khada o…

[A]Meelon ka ho saalon ka ho [B]jaaye woh
[F#m]Safar ki parwaah [E]nahi
[C#m]Tu hai jahaan maine wahaan [G#m]hona hai
[A]Pahuch hai jaana [B]wahin

Tu pehla pehla [A]pyar [B]hai [E]mera
Tu pehla pehla [A]pyar [B]hai [C#m]mera
Tu pehla pehla [A]pyar [B]hai [E]mera
Tu pehla pehla [A]pyar [B]hai [C#m]mera

Jeete jee [A]toh jeetega [B]na yeh faasla[G#m]
Hai [C#m]pata
Saansein [A]chalein teri [B]taraf
Jaise [G#m]chale [C#m]raasta
Mera hai [A]tu tu hai [B]khalish
Yaa hai [G#m]khushi ya [C#m]khata
Tere [A]siva mera [B]jahaan se na [E]koi [G#m]waasta [C#m]

[E] [A]

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Original Song Video

Full Audio: Pehla Pyaar | Kabir Singh | Shahid Kapoor, Kiara Advani | Armaan Malik | Vishal Mishra

More About the Song: Pehla pyar is a song that everyone of us can relate to. Love is a sweet feeling that happens to everyone once in a lifetime and this melody exactly talks about those emotional ride our heart takes us on. Irshad has like always showed us his magic by penning down exactly those feelings which we experience. The beauty and the charms of the beloved and how the heart completely surrenders to her has been well carved into rhyme by this amazing lyricist. Armaan Malik is beyond praise. His dulcet crooning and his gentle vocals are sheer bliss to the ears. You can not help but come back to this melody again and again. Mishra has done a commendable job with his team by composing such a beautiful melody. It is completely a smooth flow of rhythm which refreshes the tired soul. Filmed on the handsome Shahid and the lovely Kiara, their chemistry is just sensational to watch. So well, if you want to impress your crush or tell your lover how much you adore and admire her then play this song to her because this is just the ideal romantic number that will not only win her heart but also make her head over heels in love with you.

Song Credits

Song Title: Pehla Pyaar
Singer/Artist: Armaan Malik
Music Composition: Vishal Mishra
Movie: Kabir Singh
Lyrics by
Irshad Kamil
Guitar by Warren Mendonsa & Shubham Srivastava
Bass Player: Vishal Mishra
Releasing Year: 14 June 2019
Country: India
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Music Label: T-Series

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