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Mamla Dil Da Guitar Chords | Tony Kakkar is back with his latest track and he himself took care of the lyrics, music & singing part. The video of this song have been released under the music label of Desi Music Factory. Chintoo Singh worked on the guitar part and for the Sarangi, we have Sabir Khan for it’s melodious music. The key of this song is in Gm, and we have used 4 chords to cover most of the part, but we have also used the 5th chord in the instrumental music part. The names of all the chords that have been used in the chord progression are Gm, F, A#/Bb, Cm & D.

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Mamla Dil Da Guitar Chords

Tempo: 72
Time Signature: 4/4
Song Scale/Key: Gm
No. of Chords: 4
Chords Used: Gm, F, A#, Cm

Koyi na [Gm]samjhein
Mamla [F]dil da aye
Jo bhi mileya [A#]saanu
Bewaafa [Gm]milda aey [Two Times]

[Cm]Rovon me, chupp [A#]hovo me
[Gm]Dus ki kassoor [F]dil da aye

Koi na [Gm]samjhey
Mamla[F] dil da aey
Jo bhi milleya [A#]sanu
Bewaffa [Gm]milda aye [Two Times]

[Gm] [F] [A#/Bb] [D] Gm
[F] [Gm] [Cm] [F] [Gm]

Na bhulaa [Gm]hu me wo batein
Jo tum ne [F]dil dukhaaya tha
Gye the [Cm]tum khi pe or
Hume kahi [A#]pey bataaya [Gm]tha

Ye mukh ko[Gm] pta tha
Wo tum se [F]milta hai
Jo bhi [A#]milleya sanu
Bewaafa [Gm]milda aey

Koyi na [Gm]samjhey
Maamla[F] dil da aye
Jo bhi mileya[A#/Bb] sanu
Bewaafa [Gm]milda aye [Two Times]

Me chaahta hu[Gm] khuda se abb
Ke [F]tujhko bhi mohabat ho
Kisi [Cm]bewafa ki raat
Tujhko[A#] bhi mubarakh [Gm]ho

Tutega [Gm]dil jb
Tb pata [F]chlta hai
Jo bhi[A#/Bb] mileya sanu
Bewafa[Gm] milda ae

Koyi na [Gm]samjhey
Mamla[F] dil da aye
Jo bhi milleya[A#] sanu
Bewafa [Gm]milda ae [Two Times]

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Original Song Video

Mamla Dil Da ( Full Video ) | Tony Kakkar | Desi Music Factory

Song Credits

Singer/Artist: Tony Kakkar
Album Name: Mamla Dil Da
Releasing Year: 2018
Lyricist: Tony Kakkar
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Country: India
Music Label: Desi Music Factory
Guitars: Chintoo Singh
Sarangi: Sabir Khan

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