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Some songs will never be forgotten. Even if they have been released decades back, these songs never age and remain as timeless masterpieces. Bhula Do by Raeth is that classic song. Sung by Wajhi Farooki, this melody has been composed and penned by the entire band- Raeth. This song uses the guitars and the drums to create the mesmerising music. Bhula Do is a wonderful guitar based track with novice level chords that the beginners can pick up with ease. The progression of the chords is harmonious and this song has a fast paced tempo with a signature 4/4 beat. The soundtrack is from the pop genre and is indeed a very soulful rendition. This melody has a very groovy rhythm and is quite doleful in mood.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Recommended Pattern: D UUD UUD
Alternate Patterns: D D UUD

d – Down Stroke on lower three strings
D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum
C – Chuck/Mute Effect

Bhulado Chords

Status: Verified by Team
Song Scale/Key
: Am Scale
No. of Chords
: 4
Chords Used
: Am, G, F, E
Difficulty: Easy
Strumming Pattern

This song can also be covered with single chord progression (Am, G, F, E chord), but I am personally liking the chords to follow the below progression.

{(Am)Bhula do bhula do(G)wo baatein puraani
(F)jo dil ko jalaati(G) rahi…
(Am)Wo yaadein tumhaari(G)wo baatein tumhaari
(F)jo hum ko sataati(E) rahi…} 2x Times

(Am)Oo… (G) Oohoo…
(F)Oooo… (G) Ohooo…
(Am)Ooho… (G) Oho..
(F)Ooo… (E) Oo…

(Am)Wo kaisi (G)subha thi
(F)khushiyo ka tha (G)safar
(Am)Sab yr (G)sang the
(F)Koi thi na (E)fikar

(Am)Dukh aya (G)sukh khoya
(F)Gumm ban gya (E)humsafar…

(Am)Apne kya (G) paraaye kya
(F)sb rang hai ek(G) se

(Am)Kacche sab(G) dhaagey hai
(F)ye bane raeth (E) ke

(Am)Manzil na(G) saathi hai
(F)Chalta hu me (E) bekhabar

(Am)Ooho… (G) Oho..
(F)Ooo… (E) Oo…

(Am)Bhula do bhula do(G)woh batein puraani
(F)jo dil ko jalati(G) rahi

(Am)Woh yaadein tumhaari(G)woh baatein tumhaari
(F)jo hum ko sataati(E) rahi

(Am)Ooo… (G) Ooo…
(F)Ooho… (G) hooo…
(Am)Ooo… (G) Ooho…
(F)oho… (E) Ooo…

If you would like to some with similar chords then we would highly recommend you to checkout the Gulabi Aankhein Chords because this song can also be played with Am, G, F, E Chord.

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Song Information: Break ups, parting and separation are indeed very painful and moving on is the toughest part in this entire process. This song is quite a push and an aid to help one get over their ex-lover and banish from the mind all the memories of her as the lyrics urge us to move on and forget the bygone beloved. The lyrics are filled with a sense of pathos and melancholy and are indeed heart rendering. The introductory music and the piece played in the interludes on the guitars are truly stellar and mind boggling. The tune is quite harmonising to the pensive mood and keeps us hooked onto this amazing number. Farooki has an immensely smooth and velvety voice and his powerful vocals have a rich classical tonal quality. The ending over tune sung by him is indeed beyond all praise and this just shows how astounding and remarkable his vocal skills are.

Song Credits

Song Title: Bhulado
Band/Artist: Raeth Band
Releasing Year: 2006
Genre: Pop
Music Label: Universal Music India
Country: India
Language: Hindi (Non-Bollywood)
Feeling: Emotional/Sad Song/Trying to forget someone

More about the song: Bhula do is the debut of this band -Raeth. This song was released more than a decade ago and had become the number one song on MTV charts then. But till today it continues to enchant us and keeps us bound under its spell. Bhula do will always remain evergreen and will captivate us in the future years as well. Raeth is an Indian-Pakistan sufi pop rock band and with their debut performance proved to us that music transcends everything, every boundary and every bond. Mankind separates mankind but it is music that unites us all and this has been well testified by Raeth. Bhula do is a very special song for the millennial kids and teens and also for the 90s kids; because this was one of the songs that defined our childhood, and still brings back to us those countless memories of the past and some fond nostalgia. This melody reminds one of the innocent crush at school, or some incomplete love story in the teen years and that is why we find this track so endearing. So if you want to take your fellow mates on a trip to their young good old days then strum the chords of this song on your guitar and feel those past thoughts come flooding back to you.
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