Notebook – Guitar: Main Taare Chords by Salman Khan [Strumming]

Main Taare Guitar Chords | Presenting the guitar chords of a song from the upcoming movie Notebook, this song is sung by none other than Salman Khan aka Sallu Bhai! The scale of this song is kept on A chords, the chord progression of this song is a bit hard to play as the chords that are used to play are A, D, F#m, Bm, C#m, E, C# (making it a 8 chord song) though some chords are only used at one or two line, but it still to sound it perfect you need to use all of these 8 chords. We have selected three strumming patterns that you can choose to play with the chord progression, the strumming patterns are D U(c)D D(c) or D UDUD UDUD or D UUD UUD where (c) is chuck/muting sound, D is Down Strum, and U is Up Strum. The music of this song is composed by Vishal Mishra, lyrics are penned down by Manoj Muntashir. We have also shared the video tutorial lesson after the chord progression of this song.

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Guitar Chords in Detail

Song Scale: A
No. of Chords: 8
Chords Used: A, D, F#m, Bm, C#m, E, C#
Rhythm Pattern
: D U(c)D D(c) or D UDUD UDUD or D UUD UUD

Intro Music: [A] [D] [E] [A]
A                F#m
Main taare, tod ke laau mere…
Bm                E       A
Itne lambey, haath nhi
A            C#m           Bm
Sbke jaisa…hu me bhi koyi
D                           E     A
Mjhmein alag si baat nhi
F#m        C#m    D      Bm     E
Mjhmey alag si, baat nhi…ii
      C#                   F#m                     C#m
Dil fir bhi chupke se, yeh puch rha tumse
                                  Bm         E     A
Tum mjhse aaye ae pyaar karogi kyaa
Music: [Bm] [E]  [F#m] [A]
A                           E
Sapno mein mere ajnabi…
A                            E
Dheere se daakhil, ho kbhi
            Bm                 E               A
Galiyo galiyo tera kissaa, aam hai
F#m                C#m
Sare chanaaro pey likhaa…
 F#m                C#m
Saare pahaadon pey likhaa
           Bm              E               A
Ayaat-aayat jessa tera… nam hai
A              F#m
Sapna yeh such ka paau mere
Bm           E      A
Esse to halaat nhi
           C#m               Bm
Sabke jessa, hoo me bhi koyi
D                           E       A
Mujhme alg si… baat nhi
F#m       C#m       D     Bm     E
Mjhmey alg si… baat nhi
      C#                   F#m                       C#m
Dil Phir bhi chupkey se… yeh pooch rha tumse
                                  Bm         E     A
Tum mujhse aae aey pyr karogi kyaa
G          D       Bm        E       A
Resha-reshaa tujhko… boontaa hoon
Bm      F#      A          C#     F#m
Kesar-kesar tjhko… chuntaa hoon
Bs ekk Weham hai yr
F#m                                A
Mittha sa bhrahm hai tu
Bm                                        A
Afwaah yeh bhi me sunta hoon
      A                  F#m         A              C#m
Dil fir bhi chupke sey.. yeh pooch rha tmse
                                   Bm         E     A
Tum mujhse ae aae pyaar krogi kyaa

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Video Guitar Lesson

Main Taare - Salman Khan | Guitar Cover Chords Lesson Tutorial | Notebook | Full Song

Original Song Video

NOTEBOOK: Main Taare Video | Salman Khan | Pranutan Bahl | Zaheer Iqbal | Vishal M | Manoj M

Song Credits

Song Title: Main Taare by Salman Khan
Singer/Artist/Cast: Salman Khan
Music Composition by Vishal Mishra
Movie/Album: Notebook
Lyricist: Manoj Muntashir
Starring: Pranutan Bahl & Zaheer Iqbal
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Releasing Year: 2019
Music Label: T-Series
Country: India
Flute Player: Paras Nath
Strokes by Tapas Roy
Tabla Player: Ashish Jha
Guitars by Warren Mendonsa

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