Maa Guitar Chords by Amitabh Bachchan & Yajat

Maa or Aai or Ammi or Mom – is not just a simple word. It is an emotion, a person who is irreplaceable, who is beyond perfection and who is just God reincarnate on Earth. Maa by Amitabh Bachchan and Mast. Yajat Garg is a melody that pays a perfect tribute to all our lovely mothers out there. Composed by Anuj Garg, this single has been penned by Puneet Sharma. With backing vocals, the piano, the guitar, the ukulele and the sarangi, this melodious symphony was composed. The guitar based song has simple guitar chords and can be learnt by the beginners in a jiffy. The song has a slow paced tempo with a signature 4/4 beat. Maa is a soulful rendition and is a song that you can not hear without shedding a silent tear.

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Maa Chords in Detail

Chord Status: Verified by Team
Song Scale
: B
No. of Chords
: 6
Chords Used
: B, F#, G#m, D#m, Dm, E

Intro Music:
(B) (F#) (G#m) (D#m)
(B) (E) (B)
(F#) (G#m) (E) (F#)

(B)Meri roti ki golaayi maa
(Dm)Sardi waali(E) raz(C#m)aayi maa(F#)
(B)Mera pehla akshar maa
(G#m)Mere sbse(E)bheetar maa

(B)Maathe ki pappi maa
(G#m)Sbse meethi jhappi maa
(C#m)Paani jaisi pya(B)ari

Kahaani jaisi nyaari maa
(C#m)Gudiyaa jaisi bholi
(E)Rangeeli rangoli
(B)Meri roti (F#m)ki (E)golaai maa

(G#m) (F#) (E)
(E) (F#)

(B)Mere roti (F#)ki gol(E)aai maa
(B)Mere sach ki sb sac(E)haayi maa
(D#m)Sweater waali(E) bu(F#)naayi maa
(C#m)Chaanv se jyaada thandi
(E)Kaanch pe lgi bindi (F#)
Dar (G#m)lgta hai (F#)jb ro(E)ti hai maa
Na (D#m)hone pe(E) bhi hoti hai (F#)maa
(C#m)Lori jaisi komal (F#)Me (E)bachha woh aangan
(F#)Meri aankhon me bhar (E)aayi maa

Meri roti (F#)ki go(E)laai maa(B)Meri roti (F#) ki(E)
golaai hai (B)maa

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Original Song Video

Maa - Amitabh Bachchan & Yajat Garg | Anuj Garg | Puneet Sharma

Song Information: Maa is an emotional song. Often we take our mothers for granted, do not treat her well, expect her to do things for us without appreciating her for once but we never realise that she is the only person for whom we exist. Puneet Sharma has done a commendable job by carving into rhyme and rhythm those feelings which we harbour in our hearts for our mothers but seldom tell her. The lyrics are extremely heart rendering and touching. The tune is quite doleful and has a melancholic feel about it. The music is very soothing and refreshing and is quite pleasant to the ears. The backing vocals add to the charm of this song. Amitabh Bachchan is beyond all praise. This veteran actor with his baritone vocals steals away our hearts. Yajat Garg has mesmerised us with his sweet, childish dulcet voice and he along with Mr. Bachchan both have kept us enchanted with their stellar performances.

Song Credits

Song Title: Maa
Artist/Singers: Amitabh Bachchan, Yajat Garg & Diksha Garg (Backing Vocals)
Music Composition: Anuj Garg
Lyrics by Puneet Sharma
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Sarangi Player: Kiran Nepali
Guitar Player: Shomu Seal
Ukulele Player: Shomu Seal
Music Label: Zee Music Company
Releasing Year: May 2019
Event: Mother’s Day

More about the song: Maa is a homage to all those Angels present in our lives. We always cry over trivial stuff, end our lives or get depressed about love and over people who do not care about us, take care of our lovers and dedicate our lives to them; but do we ever think of that person who stayed up all night when we were sick or gave us that last piece of cake even though she was hungry or maybe wanted to eat. Do we ever think about that lady who sacrificed everything for us just to see us smile? Do we appreciate that fairy who never ate a morsel just because we didn’t eat anything? The list of a mother’s contribution is endless and we can not even repay the countless debts we owe to her. Maa is a brilliant song dedicated to all these strong ladies. The use of a child voice and Mr. Bachchan’s voice shows beautifully that aaeven if we grow old, irrespective of our ages; we will always be a baby to our mothers and we will always be incomplete without them even if we have everything or maybe have a child or grandchild. So as mother’s day is round the corner, strum this song on your guitar to your mother and take a moment to appreciate her and thank her and make her smile with pride beaming in her eyes for you.
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