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Agnee Aahatein Chords | Guitar & Ukulele

Formed in 2007, Agnee is recognised because of their fusion of Carnatic and Hindustani classical into pop rock and funk jazz. Such a combination always leaves a park in the music charts. So did Agnee.

Mohan Kanan who is popularly known for songs like Chandaniya from 2 States and Kinare from queen has a history of another very famous song with his lead guitarist Koco. Aahatein was one such song that had love birds going Gaga over its tune.

The song originally was song for the famous TV show MTV Splitsvilla season 4 as its title track. However, it happens to be one of the very famous compositions of Agnee.

This 2011 track has a very strong influence of what Agnee is all about the soulful and classically trained voice of Mohan Kanan with the very usual 2010s guitar piece seems to be just another normal Agni song. But the lyrics are so beautifully penned down that one can’t help bats fall in love with the song. And this is pretty much what this song is also about being in love and falling in love.

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Aahatein Guitar Chords by Agnee

Song Scale/Key: D
No. of Chords: 6
Chords Used: D, Bm, Em, F#m, Am & C
Strumming Pattern: 6

(D)Aahatein ho ra(Bm)hi teri
Dil ke (Em)dar pe mere
Tu ya(F#m)hi hai khi na khi(D)Aahatein ho ra(Bm)hi teri
Dil ke (Em)dar pe mere
Tu ya(F#m)hi hai khi na khiKabhi (D)mere khwaab sa
Kabhi ulj(Bm)jhe jawaab sa
Ke chanda (Em)mein bhi daag sa
Mere jaisa (F#m)tuKe darya (D)ka tu ik sira
Ke armaa(Bm)no ka silsilla
Ke sehara (Em)mein bhi aag sa
Mere jaisa (F#m)tu mere jaisa tu(D)Aahatein ho ra(Bm)hi teri
Dil ke (Em)dar pe mere
Tu ya(F#m)hin hai kahi na kahi

(Am) (D) (C)

(Am)Tera hun mein tujhe kyun naa yaq(D)een hai
(Am)Chaahat mein (C)meri aakhir kya ka(D)mi hai
(Am)Tujhmein he toh chuppi meri khu(D)di hai
(C)Meri (D)khudi kuchh naa sa(A)hi
kuch (F#m)na sahi kuchh (D)naa sahi

(D)Aahatein ho ra(Bm)hi teri
Dil ke (Em)dar pe mere
Tu yeh(F#m)hi hai kahin na kahin

Kabhi (D)mere khwaab sa
Kabhi ulj(Bm)hey jawab sa
Ke chanda (Em)mein bhi daag sa
Mere jaisa (F#m)tu

Ke dariya (D)ka tu ikk sira
Ke armaa(Bm)non ka silsilla
Ke sehra (Em)mein bhi aag sa
Mere jaisa (F#m)tu mere jaisa tu

(D)Aahatein ho ra(Bm)hi teri
Dil ke (Em)dar pe mere
Tu yeh(F#m)hi kahi naa kahin

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More About this Song: There is no doubt to the fact that Mohan Kanan is exceptionally talented as a classical singer but then this particular song has a very sensual and sweet turn to it. This song is basically about how the heart comes to know about the presence of a certain someone.

This makes it sound like a poetry of love especially in the voice of Mohan Kanan. The tune of the song is something derived from the western music of that time it has sufficient time and space for the instruments to penetrate the listeners mind and then a very effortless and easy approach of the vocals to release stress and strain.

Although they have been a lot of love songs on a similar note, but then the combination of Rock elements into typical Hindustani classical influence was something that everyone must have been waiting for. And Agnee gave us just the right piece.


Song Credits

Song Title: Aahatein (MTV Splitsvilla 4 Theme)
Album: Splitvilla 4
Lyrics by Agnee
Singer/Artist: Agnee Band
Band: Agnee Band
Language: Hindi
Country: India

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