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Hey Guys! Are you wondering what strings do Yamaha guitars come with? Don’t worry I was also a bit confused and nervous thinking about the Yamaha F310 stock guitar strings.

Yamaha F310 comes with the D’addario strings, if you’re beginner  EZ 910 (.011-.052) are the recommended strings for Yamaha F310 and if you’re advance/intermediate player then I would recommend to change your acoustic guitar strings with the EZ 920 (0.12 – .054).

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Best Guitar Strings for Yamaha F310

EZ900 .010 – .050 Extra Light Gauge 85/15 BRONZE Full, Bright Tone Buy Now
EZ910 .011 – .052 Light Gauge 85/15 BRONZE Full, Bright Tone Buy Now
EZ920 .012 – .054 Medium Light Gauge 85/15 BRONZE Full, Bright Tone Buy Now
EZ890 .009 – .045 Super Light Gauge 85/15 BRONZE Full, Bright Tone Buy Now

Buy Now

You can also go with the extra or super light gauge strings depending on your requirement. In case you’re still wondering you can deep down into this article to learn more about the default, suggested and recommended string gauge for your acoustic guitar be it a Yamaha, Fender, Ibanez or even any guitar by Indian manufacturer like Juarez, Pluto, Flipkart SmartBuy Guitar, Revel, Photron, Jixing, Medellin, Hertz, Kadence, Givson, Intern etc.

The default string gauge for Yamaha F310 is: .012/.016/.025(or.024)/.033(.032)/.043(.042)/.053(.052)

1st String E String .012
2nd String B String .016
3rd String G String .025(or.024)
4th String D String .033(.032)
5th String A String .043(.042)
6th String E String .053(.052)

The D’addario Yamaha f310 guitar strings price in India varies from Rs. 250-300 depending on the string gauge and the sellers in the online/offline market.

How to Change Your Acoustic Guitar Strings?

If you’ve already bought the strings, but wondering about how to change the broken strings of your acoustic guitar? then you don’t really need to worry we have this video which can help you understand the basics of changing the guitar strings for the first time.

There are a couple of reasons why you want to change the strings, below are the obvious and common reasons:
– They just look dirty
– Maybe they sound dull
– Maybe have broken strings

Material Needed:
– String Winder (Optional)
– String Cutter
– Bridge pin puller
– New set of strings

If you don’t have the bridge pin puller, you can do the work around with your teeth 😛 (Personally Tested)
If you don’t have the string cutter then you can use the old used nail cutter which is of no use now.

BTW just in case you want to buy the 3 in 1 String Cutter, Winder, Pin Puller then you can check it out on amazon. Click here to buy it now.

How to Change Your Acoustic Guitar Strings | Fender

Daddario Guitar String Packaging & Reference

If you ever searched guitar strings online and have noticed a number or the material mentioned on the packaging then you would be glad to know about it in detail below:

85/15 Bronze

An alloy of 85% copper and 15% zinc, 85/15 bronze combines the brilliant sound characteristics of 80/20 bronze with the greater sustain usually found in phosphor bronze strings.

Plain Steel Explained

A high carbon steel alloy wire that is round in cross section. Used for plain steel strings.

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