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Aaj Bhi is the soulful rendition that is simply just raking our hearts now. Aaj bhi chords are simple and easy and can be strummed fluently by the beginners and amateurs too as well. The chords can be played with or without a capo. The chords played with a capo are Am, G, F, Dm, C. The capo position is in the 4th fret. Aaj bhi guitar chords follow the strumming pattern of D DD DD. The melody has been played in the C#m scale.The guitar chords of Aaj bhi provided here are accurate and verified. This timeless classic has been composed and sung by the most talented Vishal Mishra and has been penned down by the poetic trio of Vishal Mishra, Kaushal Kishore and Yash Anand. From the feature film soundtrack genre, this melody uses the guitars, piano and violins quite euphoniously. The song has been played with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat.

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Aaj Bhi Guitar Chords

Status: Accurate & Verified
Original Scale/Key
: C#m
Capo Position
: 4th Fret
Chords Used with Capo: Am, G, F, Dm, C
Strumming Pattern: D DD DD

Naa D(Am)ard Hai, Na (G)Gham Tere
Na I(Dm)shq Hai Naa Teri (G)Wo (F)Chaahtein
Haan (Am)Khush Hu Me (G)Tere Bina
Na (Dm)Mujhme Bachi Teri (G)Wo (F)Aadatein

Hai Fir Kyun (Am)Aankho Mein (G)Nami
Kyun Me (F)Rota Hun Aaj (G)Bhi
Kya Khalti (Am)Teri Hai (G)Kami
Kyun Me (F)Rota Hun Aaj (G)Bhi

Hai Phir Kyun (Am)Aankhon Mein (G)Nami
Kyun Me (F)Rota Hun Aaj (G)Bhi
Kyun Khalti (Am)Teri Hai (G)Kami (F) (G)(Am)

(C)Tumne Kaha Tha (Em)Saath Jeeyenge
(F)Honge Juda Na (G)Humm Kabhi
(Am)Hath Me Thaamein (Em)Chalti Rahungi
(F)Wakt Yeh Le Jaa(G)ye Kahi

(C) (Em)(Am)
(C)Tumne Kaha Tha (Em)Saath Jeeyenge
(F)Honge Juda Na (G)Hum Kabhi
(Am)Hath Main Thaame (Em)Chalti Rahungi
(F)Wakt Ye Le Jaa(G)ye Kahi

(Am)Jhuthi Hai Yeh (G)Saari Kasmein
(Dm)Saare Waadein (F)Pyaar Ke
(Am)Daffan Me Unko (G)Hun Kar Aaya
(Dm)Jashan Me Apni (F)Haar Ke (G) (F)

Hai Fir Kyun (Am)Aankho Me (G)Nami
Kyu Main (F)Rota Hoon Aaj (G)Bhi
Kya Khalti (Am)Teri Hai (G)Kami
Kyu Main (F)Rota Hoon Aaj (G)Bhi

Hai Fir Kyun (Am)Aankho Me (G)Nami
Kyu Main (F)Rota Hoon Aaj (G)Bhi
Kya Khalti (Am)Teri Hai (G)Kami
Jo Main (F)Rota Hoon Aaj (G)Bhi

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More About this Song: Aaj bhi is a very heart rending melody. The lyrics are too melancholic and conversational. There is a sense of pathos hidden in this song that is bound to make you all emotional. The track croons of the inability of a heartbroken lover to move on from his dear beloved. The music is quite soothing and refreshing and the interludes played on the different instruments between the verses are endearing. Vishal Mishra’s magical voice keeps us hooked onto this lovely melody for a long time. The video of this music is a delight to watch. The song harmonises well with the pensive and dejected mood.


Aaj Bhi (Official Video) - Vishal Mishra | Ali Fazal, Surbhi Jyoti | VYRLOriginals

Song Credits

Singer/Artist: Vishal Mishra
Music Composition: Vishal Mishra
Lyrics by Vishal Mishra, Kaushal Kishore & Yash Anand
Violin Player: Manas Kumar & Laura Valdiva
Piano by Vishal Mishra
Music Label: VYRL Originals
Releasing Year: 2020
Language: Hindi

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