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Music is a therapy in itself. It has the power to heal a person from any situation. And who knows it better than a heartbroken person. Eka Ekela Mon from Chirodini Tumi Je Amar 2 is one such song. Sung by the king of sad songs- Arijit Singh, the melody was composed by the maestro Jeet Ganguli and penned poetically by Prasen. The guitar chords strike the very inner chords of our hearts. This doleful melody has a slow 4/4 beat and a slow tempo with harmonious progression of the chords. The guitar chords are simple and can be picked up easily by the beginners. The piano, the flute, the violins, the guitars and the tabla have been synchronised beautifully and so the music we hear is very soothing and harmonious to the ears.

Guitar Chords in Detail

Tempo: 90
Time Signature: 4/4
Song Scale/Key: Cm
No. of Chords: 9
Chords Used: Cm, A#, G#, G, C, D#, Fm, F, D#maj7

Intro Music: [Cm] [A#] [G#] [G]

[Cm]Eka Ekela Mon
[C]Chineche mon[D#]kemonn
[G#]Chineche mon[D#]kemonn
[G]Kinechey monn[Cm]kemonn [Two Times]

[D#]Vabna tomar ey
[G#]Ghirechey amay[Fm] keno[A#]okaaron
[G#]Anmona monn[D#]kemonn
[G]Monmora monn[Cm]kemonn
[Cm]Eka Ekela Mon

[G] [G#] [F]
[D#] [G#] [A#] [D#]

[D#]Chhaaya pele tomaar
[D#maj7]Chnuyeh gechi tomaay
[Cm]Tumi hete[G#]gele
[Fm]Vengechure ami
[D#]Bose achi dekho
[F]Tumi [A#] asbe boley[Two Times]

[D#]Hm… Mukher adoley
[G#]koto ki je bole[Fm] haraale ekhon
[G#]Anmona mon[D#]kemonn
[G]Monmora mon[Cm]kemonn
[Cm]Eka Ekela Mon

[G] [G#] [F]
[D#] [G#] [A#] [D#]

[D#]Kichu aasha baaki [D#maj7]vaalobaasa baaki
[Cm]Aro koto k[G#]i jey
[Fm]Phire eso kache… [E]kotha jome achey
[F]Hazar [A#]brishti[D#] vije [Two Times]
[D#]Ashepashe cholo… [G#]tobuo na baalo
[Fm]Holo ki[A#]emonn
[G#]Anmona mon[D#]kemon
[G]Monmora mon[Cm]kemon

[Cm]Eka Ekla Monn
[C]Chineche mon[D#]kemon
[G#]Chineche mon[D#]kemon
[G]Kineche monn[Cm]kemon [Two Times]

[D#]Vabna tomar ee
[G#]Ghireche amaay[Fm]keno [A#]okaaron
[G#]Anmona mon[D#]kemon
[G]Monmora mon[Cm]kemon
[Cm]Eka Ekla Mon…!!!

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Song Information: The song is a journey of 5 minutes 23 seconds into past memories and Arijit Singh with his high scaled, velvety vocals marvellously brings out the pangs of separation and woes. His mellifluous voice and the emotions hidden in it quite harmonize with dejected mood perfectly. Jeet Ganguli has done a commendable job in very artfully using the different instruments to create this sad tune. The tabla and the other percussion instruments that have been used give that very subtle beat in the background and add a very Indian touch to this melody. A fusion is seen here between the western and Indian instruments. Mention must be made of the heart touching lyrics that have been written by Prasen. The agony of parting has been beautifully carved into words and one cannot help but think of his beloved. The song talks about how in solitude the mind wanders off to the past lover and reminisces about her without any reason. This track is one of the best sad songs of the Tollywood industry indeed.

Song Credits

Singer/Artist: Arijit Singh
Album/Movie: Chirodini Tumi Je Amar 2
Lyrics by: Prasen
Music Composition: Jeet ganguli
Music Label: SVF
Releasing Year: 2014
Language: Bengali (Bangla)
Country: India

More About the Song: An intensely melancholic number, this melody will surely bring tears to you, if you are suffering from a painful break up. The musical composition is very heart rendering and Jeet Ganguli has used those exotic instruments to produce such an emotional strain. The entire crew has done a praiseworthy job and due credit should be given to each one of them. The song creates a dismal mood and is quite relatable when heard in quietude. This melody will help you to let out that excruciating pain inside the heart. The sonorous guitar chords, the symphony of the instruments, the touching lyrics and Arijit’s dulcet voice will make you listen to it repeatedly and shed out those suppressed tears to heal yourself and move on. Eka Ekela Mon will act as a tonic for you and through its smooth transition, devoid of any fast and exciting beat, will make you cry your heart out and slowly diminish that ripping woe in your heart. So, well if you want to feel that pain, embrace it and let it out just strum this song on your guitar and play those melodious chords and see how it will help you ease your pain through the music and make you stronger.
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