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There are some songs that will win your heart just because they are perfect in every sense. From the musical composition to the lyrics to the vocals, they are just beyond all perfection. Tomake chuye dilam from Baastushap is that song. Composed by the talented genius Indraadip Das Gupta and penned by the poetic Srijato, the song was sung by the mesmerizing Arijit Singh. The track is a very soulful and heartfelt rendition and the instruments that create this symphony are – the violin, the flute, the piano and the guitar. This melody has a very subtle and serenading 4/4 beat with a slow tempo and mellifluous guitar chords that maintain this soothing rhythm. An intensely romantic ballad, the violin gives a bit of the jazz vibe and a bit of the folk touch and perfectly captures the feeling of love with the euphonious progression of the chords.

Guitar Chords in Detail

Song Scale/Key: G
No. of Chords: 6
Chords Used: G, D, C, A, Em, & Bm

[G]Aj thonter[D]kolaaj thamaalo [C]kaj
[Em]Mon tomake[D]chuye dilam
[G]Nam buker[D]botam haraano[C]khamm
[Em]Aj keno je[D]khunje[G]pelam

[G]Din ekono[D]rongin
Eyi[Bm]din ekhono[D]rongin
Take[C]adore tule rakh[G]lam

[G]Aj thonter[D]kolaj thamalo[C]kaj
[Em]Monn tomake[D]chuye dilam
[G]Naam buker[D]botamm haraano [C]kham
[Em]Hmmm hoo hu[D]hu hoo [G]hooo

[First stanza part starts here]
[G]Mon rakha ache[Em]konn
[C]Isan [Bm]kone[D]bisonota
[G]Chokh kataakuti[Em]hok
[C]Sohoj [D]khelar shomoye[G]Kothaai

[G]Eyi norom[A]aashukh
Hawaai[C]hawaai sere[G]jai
[G]Fer sondhe[A]namukk
Betha[C]tomaay chere[G]jai

[G]Chupp muhurto[D]chupp thonter[C]turup
[Em]Eyi tomake[D]chuye [G]dilam

[G]Naam buker[D]botam harano [C]kham
[Em]Aj keno je[D]khunje [G]pelam

[Second stanza part starts here]
[G]Thont lukiyechey [Em]chot
[C]Je rasta[Bm]jai tomaar[D]mone
[G]Chull buneche[Em]angull
[C]Raterr[Bm]peethe tara[G]gune
Oh[G]keu jaanena [A]din
Fhirbe [C]kina kono[G]din

[G]Nill kuaasha[A]ghor
Bhuleyi [C]jaaoai sobi[G]chin

[G]Chupp muhurto[D]chupp

[Em]Eiy tomake[D]chuye [G]dilam
[G]Naam buker [D]botam harano[C]kham
[Em]Aaj keno je[D]khunje [G]pelam

[G]Din ekhono[D]rongin
Ei[Bm]din ekhono[D]rongin
Take[C]adore tule rakh[G]lam

[G]Aj thonter[D]kolaaj thamaalo[C]kajj
[Em]Monn tomake[D]chuye dilam
[G]Naam buker[D]botam harano [C]kham
[Em]Hmm hu hoo[D]hu hoo[G]hu

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Song Information: Tomake chuye dilam is perhaps one of the best evergreen romantic songs created by the Bengali music industry. The violin has been played brilliantly and touches the very inner chords of our hearts. The guitar chords are easy and impart that slow and constant rhythm at the background. The chords are simple and can be played by the amateurs with ease. The lyrics are intensely filled with emotions and Srijato as usual plays with his words to enchant us. He has crafted the romance and the amorous feeling metaphorically and one cannot help but marvel at his genius as he shows us the love and memories of the beloved trapped in the daily mundane everyday things that surround us like that misplaced envelope, or those buttons hooked on your shirt. Arijit Singh effortlessly bewitches us with his vocals as he sings the melody in a soft and mellow voice with classical over tunes in the alaap and the interludes.

Song Credits

Song Title: Tomake Chuye Dilam
Singer/Artist: Arijit Singh
Film/Movie: Bastushaap
Music Composition: Indradeep Sengupta
Lyricist: Srijao
Country: India
Language: Bengali (Bangla)
Music Label: Amara Muzik Bengali
Releasing Year: 2016

More About the Song: This melodious number will never age. Tomake chuye dilam was released two years back but is still played on loop today. The harmonious violin will actually make you fall in love with the song and force you to want to come back to it continuously. The lyrics also provide a solace to the hungry soul searching for love and affection and this makes the listener listen to it in solitude with a fond nostalgia and a beautiful journey down the memory lane. The song is a perfect partner for a solo long drive or on a sleepless night when past memories of your dear beloved flood your mind and not let you catch a wink of sleep. This musical ballad has a certain serenity about it and is indeed relaxing. The song is a smooth flow of rhythm with an interlude where Arijit performs a classical aria with no beats at the background. This song is one of those wonderful pieces of music that will have the perfect guitar cover and you can try strumming those easy chords on your guitar in one such wonderful jamming session with your friends on a rainy and romantic evening.

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