Humnava Mere Guitar Chords | Jubin Nautiyal [With Strumming Pattern]

Happy to share to Humnava mere guitar chords with you. This song is sung by a well known singer Jubin Nautiyal.
Lets see the chords of this song, the chords that has been used in the song humnava mere on guitar by Jubin Nautiyal are Fm, Eb, Ab, Bbm and the Fm is the scale of this beautiful song by Jubin ji. The strumming that would would make the make the song good on your acoustic guitar is DU DU DU DU where D is Down stroke and U is Up stroke.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Recommended Pattern : D D UUUD or D D UUU DUD
Other Suggested Patterns: D UUD UUD or D U (c) D UU (c) DU

D – Down
U – UP

Humnava Mere Guitar Chords

1st Version

[Fm] [D#] [C#] [D#] [Fm] [Four Times]

[Fm]Kal raastey me [D#]gham mill gya tha
[C#]Lagke [D#]gale main ro [Fm]diya
[Fm]Jo sirf mera [D#]tha sirf mera
[C#]Maine [D#]use kyu kho [Fm]diya

Han wo [Fm]aankhein jinhe me
[A#m]Chumta tha [D#]bewaajah
Pyaar [Fm]mere liye kyu
Unme [A#m]baaki naa [D#]rha
[C]Ho oh o…

[Fm]Humnava mere
Tu hai to [D#]meri saans chaley
Bta de [C#]kaise me [Cm]jiyunga
Tere [C#]bina

Hoo… [Fm]Humnava mere
Tu hai to [D#]meri saansein chaley
Bta de [C#]kese me [Cm]jiyunga
Tere [C#]bina [D#] [Fm]

[Fm] [D#] [C#] [Cm] [C#] [D#] [Two Times]

[Fm]Har wakt dilko [D#]jo sataye
[C#]Aisi kami hai [D#]tu
[Fm]Me bhi naa jaanu [D#]yeh
[D#]Ke itna [C#]kyu laazmi hai [D#]tu

Neendey [Fm]jake na lauti
Kitni [D#]raatein dhal gyi
Itne [C#]taare gine ki
[A#m]Ungliyan bhi [D#]jall gyi

[Fm]Humnava mere
Tu hai to [D#]meri saanse chaley
Bta de [C#]kaise me [Cm]jiyunga
Tere [C#]bina

Hoo o… [Fm]Humnava mere
Tu hai to [D#]meri saansein chaley

2nd Version

[Intro Chords]  Fm Eb Ab Eb Fm

Fm                     Eb
Kal raaste mein gham mil gaya tha
Bbm                          Fm
Lag ke gale main ro diya
Fm               Eb
Jo sirf mera tha sirf mera
Bbm                            Fm
Maine usey kyun kho diya

Fm                            Ab
Haan woh aankhein jinhe main
                Bbm      Eb
Choomta tha bewajah
Fm                     Ab
Pyaar mere liye kyun
               Bbm          Eb
Un mein baaqi na raha

Bb,m Fm

Humnava mere
Tu hai to meri saansein chale
              Ab                   Eb   
Bata de kaise main jiyunga
Tere bina

Ab   Fm
Ho.. Humnava mere
Tu hai to meri saansein chale
              Ab                  Eb   
Bata de kaise main jiyunga
Tere bina

Humnava mere video song

Official Video: Humnava Mere Song | Jubin Nautiyal | Manoj Muntashir | Rocky - Shiv | Bhushan Kumar

Song Credits

Song Name: Humnava Mere
: Jubin Nautiyal
Music: Rocky – Shiv
Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir
Directed by: Ashish Panda
Music Label: T-Series
Year: 2018

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