Best of Jagjit Singh | Famous Songs and Ghazals List

Whenever we hear someone mention “The Ghazal King” or the “The King of Ghazals” the name that immediately comes to our mind is of Jagjit Singh. Jagmohan Singh Dhiman a.k.a. Jagjit Singh is the veteran Indian singer, composer and musician who rules our hearts and mesmerises us till date. An immensely versatile singer, Jagjit Singh has sung more than a hundred thousand songs and each of his songs remains evergreen and heart rendering till date. Jagjit Singh was well versed in every genre of music but due credit must be given to them for reviving the Ghazals in India. With a Bol Pradhan Gayaki style, Jagjit Singh with his deep and soulful vocals captured our hearts and still allures us to listen to his songs. It is not possible to list all the songs sung by this maestro at one go, but here are some of his enticing melodies with the guitar chords given along, which shall always remain evergreen.

Top 12 Songs and Ghazals of Jagjit Singh
Hoshwalon Ko Khabar Kya – Gulzar’s Mirza Ghalib | Year 1988
Teri Fariyaad – Tum Bin 2
Koi Fariyaad
Chithi Na Koi Sandesh – Dushman | Year 1998
Main Nashe Mein Hoon
Ye Tera Ghar Ye Mera Ghar – Saath Saath | Year 1982
Tumko Dekha To Yeh Khayal aaya – Saath Saath | Year 1982
Tum Itna Jo Muskura Rahe Ho – The Melodious Pair | Year 1998
Honton Se Chhu Lo Tum – Prem Geet | Year 1981
Jab Saamne Tum Aa Jaate Ho
Mujhe Tumse Mohabbat
Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai

Jagjit Singh is someone whose songs will never age. They shall always be timeless classics like that old wine stored in a golden casket. His voice had a classically enriched tonal quality that harmonised with every mood. But no one till date can ever match his performance of Ghazals and sad songs. The list that we have compiled here contain songs of all moods and genre be it Ghazal, or romantic or sad songs. The guitar chords of each of the songs are of the novice level and can be played easily and effortlessly by the amateurs and the beginners. The tracks have been taken from different decades of his singing career and the songs therefore range from being 40 years old to being 10 years old. All his songs are brilliant and beyond perfection and the list compiled above give us a glimpse of his unparalleled skills. Jagjit Singh is beyond all praise. His songs are filled with rich metaphors and melancholia or romance as need be. Our list mixes the doleful and the amorous songs sung by him and we have created this catalogue of songs to provide homage to him and his path-breaking contribution to the Indian music industry.

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