Easy: Tu Yaad Aya Chords with Strumming Pattern & Tutorial

Tu Yaad Aya is a very beautiful melody. Tu Yaad Aya chords are simple and easy and the beginners can also strum them fluently. The guitar chords of this melody are Am, Em, F, G, Dm. The melody has been played in the Am scale. The chords of Tu Yaad Aya follow the strumming pattern of D U D U D or D UUD UUD or D(c)U U(c)D or D U(c) D DD.Tu Yaad Aya guitar chords provided here are verified and accurate. This single has been sung by the Padmashree award winner Adnan Sami, composed by the talented Lo Jill and has been penned down by the poetic Kunaal Vermaa. From the feature film soundtrack genre, this melody uses the various instruments like the electric and acoustic guitars, violins, violas, tablas, dholaks, cellos, piano, keyboards, woodwinds, harpeji and double bass quite euphoniously. The song has been played with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat.

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Tu Yaad Aya Guitar Chords by Adnan Sami

Song Scale: Am
Chords Used: Am, Em, F, G, Dm
Strumming Pattern: D U D U D or D UUD UUD or D(c)U U(c)D or D U(c) D DD

Intro Tabs:

G| -0-2---------------2----------2
B| ---------0h1---0-----0h1------

G| -0-2---------------2----------2
B| ---------0h1---0-----0h1------

G| -0---2---------------2------------
B| -----------0h1------------0---1/3

G| ------------------------5----------------

[Am]Hui mohobbat [Em]ki baat phir
[F]Sata rahi hai [G]ye raat fir
[Am]Bheega rahi hai [Em]inn aankhon ko
[F]Bewakt ki [G]yeh barsaat phir

[Dm]Aagaya kyu [G]labon pe
[F]Yeh naam tera [G]bata

[Am]Tu yaad aaya [Em]tu yaad aaya
[F]Tu yaad aya [G]hai aj phir
[Am]Jo teri baaton [Em]ne dil dukhaya
[F]Tu yaad aya [G]hai aaj phir

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Tutorial Video

Tu Yaad Aya Easy Guitar Intro + Chords Lesson | Adnan Sami | Dus Bahane 2.0 chords | Baaghi 3


Tu Yaad Aya Video| Adnan Sami |Adah Sharma| Lo Jill | Kunaal Vermaa | Bhushan Kumar |Arvindr Khaira

More About the Song: Tu Yaad Aya is a very emotional melody. The lyrics are extremely conversational and touching. This soulful rendition narrates a woeful tale of partings and departures and that is what makes the melody so refreshing and soothing. The music is extremely pleasing and relaxing with several excellent pieces played on the different instruments between the verses. With a few crests and troughs in the song, the tune runs on with a subtle beat and a pacifying rhythm at the background. Adnan Sami is beyond all praise. He keeps us spellbound by his stellar performance. The video of this song is also a delight to watch. The track harmonises well with the melancholic and the pensive mood.

Song Credits

Song Title: Tu Yaad Aya Aaj Phir
Singer/Artist: Adnan Sami
Movie/Film: Baaghi 3
Music Composition: Kunaal Vermaa
Lyrics by Kunaal Vermaa (Songster)
Piano Solo: Adnan Sami
Music Label: T-Series
Releasing Year: 2020
Language: Hindi

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