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Bombairiya – Bairiya Guitar Chords | The chord of this song are E, A, B & C#m and making it a 4 chords song. This song is sung by Navraj Hans, lyrics & music composition by Arko. On the guitars we have Krishna Pradhan & on Harpejji we have Aditya Dev. The scale or the key of this song is in E Chord. The song is based on the one random mad in mumbai/bombay.

Guitar Chords in Detail

Song Scale/Key: E
No. of Chords
: 4
Chords Used: E, A, B, C#m

[E]Bairiya vey
[E]Bairiya ve[A] sohneyaa [Two Times]

Yu na[B] jaa[E]ve
Yu na[B] jaa[E]ve
[A]Saugaawar[B] krke
Me teri[E] jogan ho gyi an
Pyaar wich[E] rogan ho gyi an [Two Times]

Me teri[F#m] jogan ho gyi an
Pyaar vich[B] rogan ho gyi[E] an [Two Times]

[E]Bairiya vey
[E]Bairiya vey[A] sohneya

[E]Jogan-jogan jogan-jogan jogan…
Ho gyi[B] an rey

[E]Jogan-jogan jogan-jogan jogan…
Ho[Dbm/C#m] gyi[B] ann rey

[E]Bairiya vey
[E]Bairiya ve[A] sohneyaa [Two Times]

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Original Song Video

Song Credits

Song: Bairiya
Singer/Artist: Navraj Hans
Music Composition: Arko
Lyrics by Arko
Movie: Bombairiya
Guitars: Krishna Pradhan
Harpejji: Aditya Dev
Feat: Radhika Apte, Akshay Oberoi & Siddhanth Kapoor
Releasing Year: 2018
Country: India
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)

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