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Love is something that comes with a lot of packages and baggages. While it will give you happiness it will also give you a lot of pain. Ja Ja Ja, the lastest single by Gajendra Verma testifies this claim too well. Sung, composed and penned down by the talented Gajendra only, this track is ruling our hearts with its beats and groove. Ja Ja Ja chords are simple and easy and can be played by the beginners too fluently. The guitar chords of Ja Ja Ja are Am, G, F, C, Dm. Ja Ja Ja guitar chords provided here are all accurate and verified. The melody has been played in the Am scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The song belongs to the feature film soundtrack genre and uses various instruments and the guitars mainly quite euphoniously. The guitar chords of Ja Ja Ja follow a strumming pattern of DU (c) UUU C or D UDUD UDUD.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Recommended Pattern: DU (c) UUU (c) or D UDUD UDUD

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum
C – Chuck Effect

Ja Ja Ja Guitar Chords – Gajendra Verma

Song Scale/Key: Am
Status: Accurate & Verified
Chords Used: Am, G, F, C, Dm
Strumming Pattern: DU (c) UUU C or D UDUD UDUD

Intro Music:
[Am] [Am] [F] [F]

[Am]Chahegi jab milne ko ayegi
[Am]Chahegi jab paas bulaayegi
[F]Kabhi me kaun ho jaaungi
[F]Kabhi phir pyar jatayegi
[Am]Aise ehsaan gina ke
[Am]Baat kar munh ko bana ke
[F]Accha bhala tha main akela
[F]Galti ki dil ko laga ke

[Dm]O ab tere zaalim saare [C]iraade [G]samajh chuka
[Dm]O jitna bhi jhel saka main [C]utna jhel [G]chuka

[Am]Ja Ja Ja [Am]Mujhe na dikha
[Dm]Ye ishq tera [Am]Ye pyar tera

[Am]Ja Ja Ja [Am]Main nahi karna
[Dm]Ye ishq tera [Am]Ye pyar tera

[Am]O karti thi meethi meethi baatein
[Am]Phone par saari saari raatein
[F]O kehti thi yaad hai aayi
[F]Phir tum milne ni aate

[Am]Toh ab kaise palti khaayi
[Am]Ab na meri yaad hai aayi
[F]Jab bhi tera phone lagaya
[F]Line sabhi vyast hai aayi

[Dm]O ab tere zaalim saare [C]iraade [G]samajh chuka
[Dm]O jitna bhi jhel saka main [C]utna jhel [G]chuka

[Am]Ja Ja Ja [Am]Mujhe na dikha
[Dm]Ye ishq tera [Am]Ye pyar tera

[Am]Ja Ja Ja [Am]Main nahi karna
[Dm]Ye ishq tera [Am]Ye pyar tera

[Am] [Am] [F] [F]

[Am]Dil toot gaya ab
[Am]Main rooth gaya ab
[F]Jo pyaar tha tumse
[F]Woh chhoot gaya ab [x3 Times]

[Am]Ja Ja Ja [Am]Mujhe na dikha
[Dm]Ye ishq tera [Am]Ye pyar tera

[Am]Ja Ja Ja [Am]Main nahi karna
[Dm]Ye ishq tera [Am]Ye pyar tera

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Video Tutorial by Mukesh Gupta

Ja Ja Ja Guitar Chords | Gajendra Verma |

Song Video

Gajendra Verma | Ja Ja Ja | Vikram Singh | Official Video

More About the Song: Ja Ja Ja is a very groovy and rocking song with some peppy beats. Gajendra Verma never fails to win our hearts and this time too he has just kept us captivated by his stellar and spectacular performance. The lyrics are quite metaphorical and every jilted lover can relate to the feelings this song wants to convey. The pain and the hurt that the beloved has inflicted on the lover has been beautifully portrayed through rhyme and rhythm by Gajendra. The music is very enchanting and has some real exciting and happening beats with a few crests and troughs in between. Gajendra’s voice is very soothing and refreshing and is sheer bliss to the ears. His vocals have a rich tonal quality with an amazing musical cadence which makes everyone fall in love with him. The melody is both jovial and pensive and this mixture of moods is indeed quite nice. The video of this melody is a delight to watch as it features the handsome Gajendra himself moving about in exotic outdoor foreign locales. So if you too are suffering from a painful break up then serenade along with this song and bury down and leave behind the memories of your bygone beloved.

Song Credits

Song Title: Ja Ja Ja by Gajendra Verma
Album Title: Flip
Singer/Music/Lyrics: Gajendra Verma
Record Label: Virtual Planet Music
Language: Hindi
Release Date: December 14, 2019

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