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Doorie Chords by Benjamin Rohan & Gouri Agarwal – Guitar |  Presenting the chords of love song composed by Zubin Sinha, the lyrics are penned by Shatrunjay Mishra and sung by none other than Benjamin Rohan & Gouri Agarwal. This song can be played using 5 Chords – D, Bm, A, Em, & G. The scale of this song is in D major.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Strumming Pattern: D UUUD UUD

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Guitar Chords in Detail

Tempo: 100
Time signature: 4/4
Scale of Song: D
Chords Used: D, Bm, A, Em, G

Intro of Song– D, Bm, A, D

[D]Doo[Bm]rie [G]Kaisi [D]Ye Ha
[D]Doo[Bm]rie [G]Kaisi [D]Yeh
[D]Tujhe Maangta [Bm]In Rahon Me
[D]Tujhe Chaaahta [Bm]Meri Baahon Mein
Tu [D]He Meri [Bm]Har Khaawb Me
[Em]Tu [A]Chheepi Hai [D]Kha
[Em]Tu [A]Jaane jaana[D] Jaane jaana

Music– D, Bm, Em, D [Two Times]

[D]Dekho Naa [Bm]Mujhe Tum Zara Sa
[G]Kehti [A]Hai Meri [D]Yeh Nazar
[D]Hokey Rahunga [Bm]Me Tumhaara
[G]Tanha [A]Katega [D]Naa Safar

[D]Dekho Naa [Bm]Mujhe Tum Zara Sa
[G]Kehti [A]Hai Meri [D]Yeh Nazar
[D]Hokey Rahunga [Bm]Me Tumhara
[G]Tanha [A]Katega [D]Naa Safar

Tu [D]Lakeer Hai [Bm]In Haatho Mein
Teri [D]kasak [Bm]Meri Baaton Mein
Tu He Meri Har Khaawo Me
[Em]Tu [A]Chhipi Hai [D]Kha
[Em]Tu [A]Jaane jaana [D]Jaane jaana

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Original Song Video

Doorie - Official Music Video | Benjamin Rohan & Gouri Agarwal | Zubin Sinha

Song Credits

Song Name: Doorie Kaisi Ye Ha
: Benjamin Rohan
Music: Zubin Sinha
Album/Movie/Film Name: Doorie
Releasing Year: 2018
Lyrics by Shatrunjay Mishra
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Country: India
Music Label: Zee Music Company

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