Guitar: Siren Chords by The Chainsmokers & Aazar

Siren Guitar Chords | Presenting the Siren song chords by Chaismokers & Aazar. In an EDM/Dubstep song the drop determines how good the song is, if the drop is a hit the song is automatically a hit. The Chainsmokers and Aazar released their latest track, Siren. When I first listened to it, I fell in love with the lyrics and beats, and the build was really exceptional, even the vocals were beautiful but the drop was not as good as I expected it to be. The Chainsmokers have definitely had better drops. I felt like the drop was extremely similar to Purple Lamborghini by Skrillex, which is one of the biggest and the most successful tracks in the Trap/Dubstep industry. Unfortunately, Skrillex and The Chainsmokers do not blend, this genre does not suit The Chainsmokers, they should focus more on pop EDM, and not hardcore Dubstep. They have received commercial successful in that genre, if they are focusing on Dubstep then they need to make sure that they have something special in it and are not too common.

In fact, in this song In my opinion only the verses could have been produced by The Chainsmokers. And maybe, this track is dominated by Aazar and thus gives a little Dubstep vibes, but this song’s intense Dubstep drop cannot be compared to a masterpiece like “Closer” or “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers. I feel like the drop does not match with the vocals; also although the build is terrific I just wish it were longer to make this song even better. The idea behind the lyrics is definitely really smart, and the vocals really puts the listener in a trance but the beat drop just gives the song a little jerk and somewhere down the line the listener gets a little disappointed. Also, at the end, suddenly the song just becomes overtly sad, so you really don’t what to “feel” from this song.

Now, there comes a lot of speculation from people whether EDM qualifies to be considered as “real music” as usually there are a lot of computer generalized sounds, a lot of listeners say that EDM doesn’t make them feel an emotion but the definition of music is decided by the listener, maybe people don’t like but that it doesn’t mean it doesn’t qualify as good music. Same, with this song, maybe I didn’t like it as much but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t means it’s not a good piece of art, usually when pop/popEDM listeners listen to Dubstep made by producers that make pop music they treat it like some weird song when it’s actually not bad, you’re just not used to it. Siren is not a bad song, at all, but more is expected out of The Chainsmokers as they are considered as the pioneers of EDM in the mainstream music industry.

The lyrics of this album are written by Andrew Taggart & Aazar. This song by Chainsmokers can be payed on the Em scale and the chords that you need to use are Em, D, G & C.

Guitar Chords in Detail

Tempo: 75
Time Signature: 4/4
Scale: Em
Chords Used: Em, D, G, & C

Song Intro: [Em] [D] [G] [D] [Two Times]

[Em]Three weeks down, but you are on the[D] mend
You [C]swear that you are free from the pass[D]enger seat
As we [Em]drive through the night, ’til it starts [D]again
You [C]blame it on me because you are[D] three pills deep in

[Em]I tell myself I love the [D]silence
But [C]maybe I just wanna hear the[D] sound of the sirens [Horn] [Play Twice]

[Em]Here comes the sound of the sirens [Place Thrice]

[Em]Get Down

Music: [Em]

[Em]Get Down
[Em]Get Down

Here comes the [D]sound of the[Em] sirens
Here comes the sound of the [G]sirens[C] [Play Four Times]

[Em]Get Down
[Em]Get Down

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Original Lyric Video

The Chainsmokers, Aazar - Siren (Lyric Video)

Song Credits

Song Name: Siren
Singer/Artists: The Chainsmokers, Aazar
Album: Sick Boy/Siren
Releasing Year: 2018
Lyrics: Andrew Taggart, Aazar
Language: English (Hollywood)
Director: Rafatoon
Producer: Dave Gelb

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