Arko – Guitar: Shukriya Chords with Capo

Shukriya Guitar Chords with Capo | Presenting the guitar chords of Arko’s latest song which sung, penned and composed by him only and Aditya Dev is the person behind the Harpejji. The chords that we have used are with the capo on the 1st fret, you need to play Am, D, C#m, E, & F#m after placing the capo on the first fret of your guitar.

Guitar Chords in Detail

Capo: Required
Capo Position: 1st Fret
No. of Chords: 5
Chords Used: Am, D, C#m, E, & F#m
Strumming Pattern: DD UDUD DD U or DD UUD DD

Intro Music: A, D, A, D

(A)Tum jaha milo
Whi (D)mera rastaa
(A)Tum kaho to me suno…
(D)Poori daastaan
(A)Dard fir koi mujhe
(D)Chhu bhi naa sake
(A)Tum kaho to chandani
(D)Doob naa sake
(C#m)Or wahi mera (D)intezar ho…
(C#m/Bm)Tum aye ekk (E)par to phir (D)bahaar ho..
To me(F#m)rab se kahu shuk(D)riyaa..
(D)Shukriyaa (E)shukriya (A)shukriya…

(A)Ae aaa.. (D)oo…
(E)Ae aaa.. (A)oo…

(A)Tum jo hasdo to shammaa
(D)Rab sa hasey
(A)Tum jahaan pe thak jao…
(D)Me ruku whi
(A)Tum mile to ishq pey
(D)Abb hua yakeen…
(A)Jo tum kaho wo sach mera
(D)Jo tum karo shi

(C#m)Aur whi mera (D)intezar ho
(C#m/Bm)Tum aye ek(E)par to fir (D)bahaar ho
To me(F#m)rab se kahoon(D)shukriya
(D)Shukriya (E)shukriya (A)shukriya…

(A)Ae aaa.. (D)o…
(A)Ae aaa.. (D)o…

(C#m)Aur wahi mera (D)intezaar ho
(C#m/Bm)Tum aye ek(E)paar to fir (D)bahaar ho
To me(F#m)rab se kahun(D)shukriya
(D)Shukriya (E)shukriya (A)shukriya…

Outro Music: A, D, A, D

Song Credits

Music Composition: Arko
Singer/Artists: Arko
Lyricist: Arko
Harpejji: Aditya Dev
Releasing Year: 2019
Country: India
Language: Hindi

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