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Maloom is a song that is not just mesmerising but also quite soothing. So here we present to you the Maloom guitar chords. The guitar chords are simple and easy and can be played fluently by the beginners and the amateurs as well. The chords are A, E, B, D, C#m. The melody has been played in a moderately paced tempo with a signature 4/4 beat.

Maloom chords provided here are both accurate and verified. This beautiful number from the movie Lekar hum Deewana Dil has been composed by the great maestro A. R. Rahman and has been sung by the mellifluent Hriday Gattani and the mellifluous Jonita Gandhi. This melody has been penned down by the poetic Amitabh Bhattacharya. The video of this melody is quite a delight to watch as it features the handsome Armaan Jain and the stunning Deeksha Seth. The melody harmonises well with the romantic mood.

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Maloom Guitar Chords

(E)ooo (A)ooo (B)ooo
(E)ooo (B)ooo (E)ooo

(E)Aisa waisa kya pta
(E)kon kaisa kya pta
(E)Jinda hoon aj me
(E)issey jaada kya pta

(A)mera to zamaane se
(A)lena dena he nhi
(B)yaara gustaakhi (B)maaf

Itna he (A)maloom
(A)jispe bhi tu saath ho
(A)bs itna he (B)maloom
(B)yakeen hai wahi hai

Meri (C#m)manzill (A)ka raas(B)ta
Meri (C#m)manzill (A)ka raas(B)ta

(E)ooo (A)ooo (B)ooo
(E)ooo (B)ooo (E)ooo

(B)Taare kaise bhala
(E)hai (B)todte kya (A)pta
(D)Taare (A)mil bhi gye to
(A)tu kregi bhi (E)kyaa

(B)Me gair (E)maamuli
(B)kartab (E)dikhaa karke
(E)Saabit (C#m)kru bole (A)kya

(B)kya hai tu (E)mere (A)liye (B)seedhe saadhey se
(C#m)lafzon mein (E)sun le (B)zara

(A)haaha haa ha (E)haa
(A)la laa la laa (E)laa

(A)Kasme kya pata
Reet (D)rasme kya (A)pta
(D)Sachhey pyar ki
(F#m)Kasmein-wasme kya pta (A)

(D)Mera to zamane se
(D)Lena dena he nahi
(E)Yaara gustaakhi (E)maaf

(D)Itna hi maloom..
(D)Jispe bhi tu saath ho
(D)bas itna hi (E)maaloom
(E)yakeen hai wahi hai

Meri (F#m)manzil (A)ka raas(E)ta
Meri (F#m)manzil (A)ka raas(A)ta
Meri (D)manzil (A)ka raas(D)ta
Meri (F#m)manzil (A)ka raas(A)ta

(A)ha ha ha ha (E)ha
(A)la la la la (E) la

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Maaloom (Video Song) | Lekar Hum Deewana Dil | Armaan Jain & Deeksha Seth

Maloom is nothing but a soulful rendition. This gentle and refreshing song acts as a perfect balm to the worn-out soul. The music is quite catchy and has a few crests and troughs in it that makes it even more endearing. The lyrics are conversational and have a deep sense of love hidden in them. Very profoundly this melody expresses the various emotions that we feel when we see our better half but cannot convey much. Jonita and Hriday are just stellar and their performances keep us totally spellbound. This song is the perfect mood-setter on a romantic date if you plan to serenade with your lover in your arms.

Song Credits

Music Composition: A.R. Rahman
Lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya
Song Title: Maloom
Movie/Film: Lekar Hum Deewana Dil
Releasing Year: 2014
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)

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