Luka Chuppi – Guitar: Photo Chords with Capo

Photo Guitar Chords from Luka Chuppi | Presenting the chords of the romantic song “Photo” from the upcoming movie “Luka Chuppi”. This song is sung by Karan Sehmbi, composed by Tanishk Bagchi, penned down by Nirmaan & flute played by Sriram Sampath. This is the reprise version of the photo song, but this song is a mixed of the Punjabi and Hindi lyrics. The original scale of this song is in Cm. If you would like to play this song using the capo then you can play the Am, Em, F & G chord by placing the guitar capo on the first fret of your guitar and if you are skilled enough or just don’t want to play with capo then you would need to play the Cm, Gm, G# and A# chord. We suggest you to play the chords with the D UDUD UDUD DU or D UDUD UDUD.

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Guitar Chords in Detail

Original Scale/Key: Cm
Chords Used (without capo): Cm, Gm, G#, A#
Capo Position: 3rd Fret
Transpose with Capo: Cm -> Am, Gm -> Em, G# -> F, A# -> G
Chords Used (with capo): Am, Em, F, G
Strumming Pattern: D UDUD UDUD DU

Main dekhun teri (Am)photo
Sau so(F)baar kude

Main dekhun teri (G)photo
Sau sau(Em)baar kude

Ke uthdey(Am)tuffaan seene wich
Sau sau(F)baar kude

Ke uthde(G)tufaan seene vich
Sau sau (Em)baar kude

Tu sapne me(Am)aa he jaati hai(F)…
Tu neend (G)uda he jaati hai(Em)…
Tu sapne me(Am)aa he jaati hai
Tu neend udaa(F)he jaati hai
Tu mil ekk(G)baar kude

Me dekhun teri(Am)foto
100-100(F)baar kude
Ke uthde (Am)toofaan seene vich
100-100(F)baar kude
Me dekhu teri foto(G)…

Music: Am, F, G, Em

(Am)Diwaana tune kr dia
Aise tere bin abb rh(F) na saku
(G)Dilki baat tujhe akar me
(Am)Keh naa saku[Two Times]

Meri good(Am)morning tu hai
Meri good(F)night bi tu
Ye duniyaa wrong(G)lge
Meri liye right(Em)bhi tu

Tu ban meri(Am)raani kude(F)
Deewaana nir(F)maaan kude(Em)
Tu kr ehshaan(Am)kude

Main dekhun teri(Am)photo
Sau sau(F)baar kude
Ke uthde(Am)toofaan seene vich
Sau sau(F)baar kude
Main dekhun teri (G)photo (Am)…

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Original Song Video

Luka Chuppi: Photo Song | Kartik Aaryan, Kriti Sanon | Karan S | Goldboy | Tanishk Bagchi | Nirmaan

Song Credits

Song Name: Photo
Singer/Artist: Karan Sehmbi
Music: Goldboy
Movie Name: Luka Chuppi
Re-Composed by Tanishk Bagchi
Lyricist: Nirmaan
Flute Player: Sriram Sampath
Releasing Year: 2019
Language: Hindi & Punjabi
Country: India
Music Label: T-Series

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