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Sapna Guitar Chords | Presenting the song chords of a movie which is based on the story of Pokhran, Parmanu, Arijit Singh has his voice behind this mesmerizing song, lyrics are written by Sachin Sanghavi & music is composed by Sachin – Jigar and this song has been released under the tag of Zee Music Company. At the end of this we have also added the name of the Piano player, Sarangi & Flute player who have worked on the song. We suggest you to play G, Bm, C, Am & D chord with the D D UUD D as the strumming pattern, this song has it’s scale in G chord.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Strumming Pattern: D D UUD D

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Guitar Chords in Detail

Tempo: 96
Time signature: 7/8
Song Scale/Key: G
No. of Chords: 5
Chords Used: G, Bm, C, Am & D
Rhythm Pattern: D D UUD D

Song Intro: [G]
[G]Aankhein bhi khulli [Bm]nhi [C]
Kyu sawera [Am]ho [Bm]gya [C]

Music: [G] [Am] [Bm] [C]

[G]Aankhey bhi [Bm]khuli [C]nhi
Kyu sawera [Am]ho [Bm]gya [C]
[G]Abi shuru [Bm]hua [C]nhi
[Em]Kyu khatam [Am]ye ho[Bm] gya[C]
Sapna jo tha mera [D]kho he [G]gya

Music: [G] [D] [Am]

[Am]Sapna jo tha [D]mera kho he [G]gya

Hmmmm… mmm….

Music: [G]

Us [G]khaab me [B]sawgaatey thi
Kch [Em]pyaari c sawg[G]aatey
[G]Bhul naa [B]paunga jin ko
[C]Esi thi kuch[G] yadein
[Em]Laakho koshis[D]he ki maine
[B]Laakho koshis[G]he ki
Pr [Am]khwaab jo tha mera [D]kho he[G] gya

[Am]Sapna jo tha [D]mera
[Am]Sapna jo tha [D]mera
[Am]Sapna jo tha [D]mera kho he[G] gya

Kho [G]gya
[G]Ho… kho he gya

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Original Song Video

Sapna - Arijit Singh | PARMANU:The Story Of Pokhran | John Abraham Diana Penty| Sachin-Jigar

Song Credits

Singer/Artist: Arijit Singh
Album/Movie/Film: Parmanu (The Story of Pokhran)
Releasing Year: 2018
Lyrics by Sachin Sanghavi
Music: Sachin – Jigar
Language: Hindi
Country: India
Music Label: Zee Music Company
Piano: Rinku Rajput
Sarangi: Dilshad Khan
Flute: Tejas Vinchurikar

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