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Love is a commitment. You have to adhere to its vows, norms and rules. Rom Rom from the film The Body testifies this statement justly. Sung by the mellifluous Sunny, the melody has been composed by the versatile Shameer Tandon and has been penned down by the poetic Sameer Anjaan. Rom Rom chords are simple and easy and can be strummed fluently by the beginners and the amateurs. Rom Rom guitar chords are six in number and they are D, G, A, C, Bm, Em. The song has been played in the D scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The guitar chords of Rom Rom have a smooth and harmonious progression and follow the strumming pattern of D DUDU D DUDU. The melody belongs to the feature film soundtrack genre and uses the cellos, violas, violins, drums, bass, guitars and the live strings euphoniously.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Recommended Pattern: D DUDU D DUDU

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Rom Rom Guitar Chords

Song Key/Scale: D
Chords Used: D, G, A, C, Bm, Em
Strumming Pattern: D DUDU D DUDU

[D]Rom Rom Tere [C]Ishq Me Dooba
[G]Saanse Japey Teri [D]Mala
[D]Tu Meri Raato Ki
[C]Dudhia Chandni
[G]Tu Mere Dil Ka [D]Ujjala

[D]Maine Kia Hai
[Bm]Amar Prem Tujhse
[G]Kaise Tujhe [A]Samjhau
[D]Saari Umar Na
[Bm]Milega [G]Tujh ko
[C]Aisa Chahne [G]Waala

[D]Rom Rom [C]Rom Rom
[G]Rom Rom [A]Rom [G]Rom
[D]Rom Rom [C]Rom Rom
[G]Rom Rom [A]Rom [G]Rom
Rom Rom Tere Ishq Me Dooba [D]

[D] [C] [G] [A]

[D]Yaadon Ke [Bm]Jungle Me
[D]Dekho Kahi Kho [G]Gya Hu
[G]Khudki Bhi [Em]Sudh Budh Se
[C]Me Bekhabar [A]Ho Gya [D]Hun

[D]Aawaara Saanse Hai
[Bm]Bechain Mann Hai
[G]Bechain Mann Me
[A]Teri He Lagan Hai

[D]Maine Kia Hai
[Bm]Amar Prem Tujhse
[G]Kaise Tujhe [A]Samjhau
[D]Saari Umar Na
[Bm]Milega [G]Tujh ko
[C]Aisa Chahne [G]Waala

[D]Rom Rom [C]Romm Romm
[G]Rom Rom [A]Romm [G]Romm
[D]Rom Rom [C]tere ishq mein dooba
[G]Rom Rom [D]tere ishq mein dooba

Outro Music:
[C] [G] [C]

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Rom Rom Video | The Body | Rishi K, Emraan H, Sobhita, Vedhika | Sunny, Shamir T, Sameer A,Sandeep M

More About the Song: Rom Rom is a very sweet romantic song. Though the song has used many exotic classical instruments beautifully, it yet has a very romantic touch in it because of the amorous lyrics. The melody is blissful and refreshing as a new feeling of romance and responsibility has been celebrated in this evergreen romantic chartbuster. The song has been filmed on a wedding theme and the lyrics bring out the vows of wedding beautifully. Filmed on the diva Sobhita and the handsome Emraan, the video is a delight to watch. The music is quite soothing and refreshing. It is soft and has no exciting or happening beats. It very subtly captures the amorous feelings. With a few crests and troughs in it, the music glides on and captures all our hearts. However Sunny with his stellar and spectacular performance steals the show. He as usual makes us spell bound with his deep and sombre vocals. His velvety smooth voice is very pleasant to the ears, and it is for him that we are forced to come back to this track again and again. The song harmonises well with the lovey-dovey and the amorous mood and acts as the perfect companion on a romantic date night.

Song Credits

Song Title: Rom Rom
Singer/Artist: Sunny
Music Composition: Shameer Tandon
Lyrics by Sameer Anjaan
Guitar Player: Shon Pinto
Violin Player: Megumi Terry, Emily Rust
Viola Player: Caryn Bradley
Cello Player: Clark Evan
Bass Player: Sumesh Parameswar
Releasing Year: December 11, 2019
Music Label: T-Series

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