Royee Jande Naina Guitar Chords

The royee jande naina chords is on the C major scale, we have used Am, C, G & F Chord to play it on guitar. As most of these chords are open chords so this is an easy song to play on guitar.

Sometimes parting and separation is indeed heart-breaking and depressing. Royee Jande Naina, a single by the versatile Nitin Gupta released in Zee Music Originals is that song which will understand this feeling of pain. This heart rendering song has been composed by the talented Vivek Kar and penned by the poetic Kumaar. The song is of the pop and Sufi genre and this melody uses the guitars, the ukuleles, the bouzouki and the sarangi beautifully to create that doleful music. The guitar based song has novice level guitar chords and the amateur can learn them in an instant. The progression of the chords is harmonious and subtle. The song has a moderately paced tempo with a signature 4/4 beat and is indeed a soulful rendition.

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Royee Jande Naina Chords

Song Scale/Key: C
No. of Chords: 4
Chords Used: Am, C, G, & F
Rhythm Pattern: D UDD

Intro Music: C, Am, F, G

Vey soni[C]ye,[Am] soniye vey soni[F]ye,

Lagda nahi ji ve mera lag[C]da nai jee ve
Tu [F]dasde ki me karaa[C]

Lambiyaan mile rataan mere kat[Am]de nhi din ve
Tu [F]dasde ki me karaan

{[C]Ishke dey ranga nu[Am]baithiye bulaake tu
[F]Laage mainu aadataan [G]ho gyi hai durr kyu} 2 x Times

Koi [C]labz nhi baki bs itna khna aa
Mere [C]naina o royee jande [Am]naina
Ay dard tere ishke[F]da aye kb tak sehna [G]ve
Mere [C]naina oh royee jande [Am]naina
Ay dard tere [G]ishke[F]da aye kad tak
shna [C]vey [G]

Music: C, Am, F, G, C

Hathaan wich mere[Am]hath nhi tere
[G]Chubtey laqeeraan nu bhi[F]tere faasley
Aja mere roobaru [Am]kithe kho gyi hai tu
[G]Me ta khwaab dekhe saare[F] tere aas[C]rey
Ek tu sb kuch mera jag to ki laina [C]

Music: C, Am, F, G

Mere [C]naina oh royee jaande[Am]naina
Aye dard tere ish[F]keda aye kab tak sehna [C]vey [G]
Mere [C]naina oh royee jaande[Am]naina
Aye dard tere ish[F]keda aye kab tak sehna vey…

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Original Song Video

Royee Jande Naina | Abhishek Bajaj & Radhika Bangia | Vivek Kar, Kumaar, Nitin | Zee Music Originals

Song Information: This song reeks of melancholy and a sense of pathos. Betrayal and parting is the worst thing that can ever happen to someone and Kumaar has artfully carved this unexpressed grief into words. The lyrics are extremely heart rendering and conversational and one can relate to them if he or she is going through an excruciating pain from a devastating break up. The lyrics have been written in Punjabi and therefore add that Sufi feeling to this melody. The music is very soothing and soft and has a rustic charm about it. The use of the different classical instruments gives that folk touch to this number. Nitin Gupta has done a commendable and praiseworthy job. His dulcet and gentle vocals are very soothing and compel the listeners to play this song on loop. His crooning is indeed euphonious and pleasant to the ears and one cannot help but feel and harmonise with the emotions in his voice.

Song Credits

Song Title: Royee Jande Naina
Music Composition: Vivek Kar
Singer/Artist: Nitin Gupta
Lyrics by Kumaar
Guitar  Player: Arbaz Khan
Ukulele Player: Amar Sangam
Bouzouki Player: Amar Sangam
Sarangi Player: Sandeep Mishra
Music Label: Zee Music Company
Releasing Year: April 2019
Language: Punjabi
Country: India

More about the song: Royee Janda Naina is a sad song that very melodiously captures the emotions and pains of a broken and shattered heart and anyone facing these can find themselves in sync with this track. The song has a very dejected and woeful mood and this is quite compatible to the pensive and crestfallen lover. The song is truly splendid in all sense and this is a song that will always be evergreen in the coming years too. Filmed on Abhishek Bajaj, Radhika Bangia and Akshay Kapoor, the video of this single is very sad and tragic. This song has another version as well sung by Nitin Gupta himself and this version has been used in the film Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana. This version is also heart wrenching and quite moving. Due credit must be given to the entire team who have worked hard to gift us this gem of a song. This song will help you to let out your angst and heal from the traumatic situation if you have been badly betrayed or left by your beloved and you find yourself submerged in pitiful tears, sorrow and the memories of the bygone lover. And if you want to give shape to your anguish, strum the chords on your guitar and let music heal your despairing soul.
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