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Yaara Teri Yaari Guitar Chords | Presenting the song from the 4 more shots please web series by Prime Music Video (Amazon). The lyrics of the Yaara Teri Yaari is penned down by Naveen Tyagi, composed and sung by Darshan Raval. The Guitar music is covered by Arbaaz Khan. If we talk about the chords of this song then this is a 5 chords song and the scale of this song is in Bm. The chords that we have used are Bm, G, A, D, & Em.

Guitar Chords in Detail

Song Scale/Key: Bm
No. of Chords: 5
Chords Used: Bm, G, A, D, & Em

(Bm)Tu he hai bs tu he hai
Meri(D) hr hassi me(A)in tu he hai
(Bm)Tu he hai bs tu hi hai…
Hr(D) lamhein mein or(A) saal mein

(Bm)Tu he hai bas… tu he hai
Mere(D) gumm khushi… mein(A) tu he hai
(Bm)Tu he hai bs… tu he hai
Teri(D) dosti har(A) haal mein

Agar(Bm) mudhkey dekhu jo me(Em) zara
(A)To kbhi naa(D) rha tujh se(G) judaa(A)

(D)Yaara teri(Bm) yaari
Umr(G) sari saath(A) hai
(D)Yaraa teri(Bm) yari
Umr(G) sari saath(A) hai
(D)Yaara teri(Bm) yari
Umer(G) sari saath(A)hai
(D)Yaara teri(Bm) yaari
Umar(G) saari saath(A)hai

(D)Bin kahein sb
(G)Sun leta hai mera(D) yr
(D)Dardse(G) khushi yaan
Choon leta(A) hai mera(D) yr
(Bm)Duniya se(G) lad jaata hai(A) mere lie
(D)Lekin mujh se(G) har jaata(A) hai mera(D)yr

Agar(Bm) mudhkey dekhu jo me(Em) jara
(A)To kbhi na(D) rha tujh se(G) juda(A)

(D)Yaara teri(Bm)yari
Umr(G) sari sth(A) hai
(D)Yaara teri(Bm) yari
Umr(G) sari saath(A)hai…
(D)Yaara teri(Bm) yaari
Umar(G) sari saath(A)hai
(D)Yaara teri(Bm)yari
Umar(G) sari saath(A)hai…

Song Credits

Song Name: Yaara Teri Yaari
Music Composed by Darshan Raval
Singer/Artist: Darshan Raval
Album Name: Four More Shots Please
Lyricist Naveen Tyagi
Music Produced by Lijo George
Guitars by Arbaaz Khan
Releasing Year: 2019
Song Label: Prime Music Video
Language: Hindi
Country: India

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