Easy & Accurate: Prada Chords with Strumming Pattern by Jass Manak

Jass Manak – Prada Guitar Chords | Prada, whenever I read or hear this word the first thing that come to my mind is rich people. Just like the word/title of this song, the Prada song is also rich in music and vocals and is enough to give a treat to your ears. Though I am not so good at Punjabi, but still I love to rhyme the words with vocals of Jass Manak the lyrics and music of this song are penned and composed by him only. And the song was produced by Partap Dhillon, Sahil Chhabra & Kv Dhillon and was released under the Geep MP3 Label. If you love punjabi song then I would say it’s must song to do on Guitar and can be a impressive song when it comes to proposing someone. In the chord progression we have used 4 chords which are Am, Dm, G & F chord.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Strumming Pattern:

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Guitar Chords in Detail

Status: Accurate & Verified
Song Scale
: Am
Chords Used
: Am, Dm, G, F
Rhythm Pattern: D DU UDU

Haan (Am)akhaan uttey tere aa (Dm)prada sajna
(G)Assi time chak de aa (Em)tadda sajna
Kaa(Am)ali Range wichon rhne (Dm)velly taad da
(G)Thonu chehra disda ni (Em)saada sajna

Tere (Am)peeche saakh chade aa(G)yi chaali
Gau(F)ri jatti ghumey Bentley’ch (Em)kaali

Prada (Am)akhaan laake (G)dekh lai
Har (Am)saanh uttey naam (Dm)bole tera
(G)Kinna krdi aa jatta-jat(Em)ti tera
Tu yaari (G)kera laake dekh (Em)ley (Two Times)

(C)Tor teri ambraan da moo(G)on sun lai
(F)Jatti teri honju hun soon (Em)sunn lai

(C)Tere mere wich kera koyi aa (G) gya
(F)Paaniyan de waangu dullu kho(Em)on sun ley
Vey (Am)me aini-vee-ni paayi jatta (G)kaahli
Vey tu hauli-hauli(Em) ghr de mana li
Tu dil neh(Am)dey aake dekh (G)lai

Har (Am)saanh utte naam (Dm)bole tera
Kinna kardi aa (Em)jatta-jatti tera
Tu yaari (G)kera laake dekhle(Em) (Two Times)

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Original Song Video

Prada : Jass Manak (Official Video) Satti Dhillon - Romantic Song - GK Digital - Geet MP3

Song Credits

Song: Parada
Singer/Artists: Jass Manak
Lyricist: Jass Manak
Music Composer: Jass Manak
Music: Ar Deep
Mix & Mastered by Tej
Music Label: Geet Mp3
Country: India
Releasing Year: 2018
Language: Punjabi

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