Ok Jaanu: Easy Enna Sona Guitar Tabs for Beginners

Some songs are simply timeless. They come and conquer our hearts right away. Enna Sona from the film OK Jaanu is the perfect example for this statement. Sung by the one and only Arijit Singh, this melody has been composed by the maestro A.R. Rehman and has been penned down by the poetic Gulzar. Enna sona has easy string tabs that can be played by the beginners as well fluently. Enna sona guitar tabs are on E, B, G Strins. These guitar tabs are easy. Enna sona tabs have been provided here for all those budding musicians who love this melody as much as we do. This magical melody has been played in a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. This song is nothing but enchanting and is definitely one of the best romantic songs of Bollywood. Released years back, this melody is still ruling our hearts and mind.

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Enna Sona Guitar Notes/Tabs

Enna Sona Kyu Rab Ne Banaya - Intro Tabs
e |--------------------------
B |-8-11-8-10------8-10(mute)
G |------------8-------------

e |---------------------------
B |-8-11-8-10------8----------
G |-------------8-----10(mute)
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e |-----10-8-10-10-10-8-10-13-11-10-8-8-10
B |-8-----
Enna sona kyu rab ne banaaya

e |------10-8-10-10-10-8-10-8--------------8----------
B |8---------------------------11-10-8-8---------11-10-8
Enna sona kyu rab ne banaaya

e |----10-8-10-10-10-8-10-13-11-10-8-8-10
B |8------------------
Enna sona kyu rabb ne banaya

e |----10-8-10-10-10-8-10-8---------------8--------
B |8--------------------------11-10-8-8---------11-10-8
Enna sona kyu rabb ne banaya

e |----------------------------------------------
B |-10-----8-10-11-10-8-8-10-8-----------8-8-10-10
G |----10-----------------------10-10-------------
Aava jaava tey me yaara nu manaava

e |-----------------------------8---------------
B |-10----8-10-11-10-8-8-10-11-----10-11-8-10-11-10
G |----10----------------------------------------
Aava jaava tey me yaara nu manaava aawa...

e |---10-8-10-10-8--------------
B |-8---------------11-10-8-----
Enna sona

e |-------------------------10--
B |-8-10–11\13-11h13-11-13------
Enna sona

e |-10-----10-10-11-13-11-10-11-10-------10----------10--
B |----13---------------------------13-------11-13-------
Enna Sona oho..o...

e |----10-8-10-10-10--8-10-13-11-10-8-8-10-–
B |-8------------------
Enna sona kyun Rabb ne banaaya

e |----------
B |-8-----8-8-11-8--
G |---10-------
Enna sona oh

e |---------
B |-10-----8-8-11-8--
G |----10-------
Enna sona oho...

e |--------------------------
B |-10-----8-10-10-11-10--8------------8-
G |----10---------------------10-10------
Enna sona aa... Enna sona...

e |-10-11\13-13-13-13-10-13-15-13-13\15-15-
Kol hove tey sek lagda aye

e |-10-11\13-13-13-13-11-13-11-10-------10--
B |--------------------------------11------
Door jaave tey dil jalda aey

e |-10-11\13-13-13-13-10-13-15-13-13\15-15---
Kehdi ag naal Rabb ne banaaya

e |-13-15-13-11-10---------10-------------
B |-----------------13-13-------13-11-10-10--10\11-
Rabb ne banaaya, Rabb ne banaaya

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Enna Sona – OK Jaanu | Shraddha Kapoor | Aditya Roy Kapur | @ARRahman | Arijit Singh

More About the Song: Enna sona is a very soothing melody. Using the guitars, bass, drums and flutes A.R Rehman has given us another masterpiece. This soulful rendition is indeed par excellence. The music is mellow and soft. Devoid of any fast or exciting beats, the song runs and glides on making us sway to its lovely tune. Enna sona belongs to one of those perfect ball dance songs where you can enjoy a romantic dance with your beloved in your arms. The lyrics are also quite beautiful. Written in Punjabi, they talk of the beauty and the charms of the beloved and how the lady love has kept her lover enamored and enthralled by her elegance and grace. Gulzar is a legendary writer and nobody but him could have eulogised and praised the lover better. The song has a rich musical cadence with very less crests and troughs. However Arijit once again steals the show. With his deep and powerful vocals, he keeps us totally under his spell and makes us go gaga over him. This track is the perfect wingman for you if you want to serenade with your lover on a romantic dinner date. And if you want to propose to her strum on those easy guitar strings and make her totally bowled out on you.

Song Credits

Song Title: Enna Sona
Movie: Ok Jaanu
Music Composition
: A. R. Rahman
Lyrics by Gulzar
Singer/Artist: Arijit Singh
Guitar & Bass Player: Keba Jeremiah
Flute Player: PMK Naveen Kumar
Music Label: Sony Music
Language: Hindi

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