OK Jaanu – Guitar: Enna Sona Chords by Arijit Singh [Strumming]

Enna Sona Guitar Chords | Presenting the chords of the Punjabi version of Itna Sona Kyun Rab Ne Banaya. The lyrics of this evergreen and melodious song are penned by Gulzar, music have been composed by none other than A.R. Rahman, sung by Arijit Singh, guitars by Keba Jeremiah, bass by Keba Jeremiah, flute by PMK Naveen Kumar & the song has been released under the music label of Sony Music India. The original scale of this song is in Gm, but as it becomes a bit hard to play for the beginners so we have used a guitar capo to make the chord progression a bit easier for the beginners. To play the capo version of this song, you need to play your guitar capo on the third fret of your guitar, after the chord transposition will be like Gm -> Em, F -> D, D -> C, A -> G, C#m -> Bm that means the song chords with capo will become Em, D, C, G & Bm and if you don’t want to use the guitar capo then the chord of this song will be Gm, F, D, A, & C#m. We suggest you to play this song with DU U DU or D D UUDUD DU or D DU (C) DU as the strumming pattern where D is Down Stroke, U is Up Stroke, & (c) denotes the chuck sound or the muting effect.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Strumming Pattern: DU U DU or D DU (c) DU or D D UUDUD DU

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum
(c) – Chuck/Muting Effect

Guitar Chords in Detail

Original Scale: Gm
No. of Chords
: 5
Capo Position
: 3rd Fret
Chords Used with Capo: Em, D, C, G & Bm
Chords without Capo: Gm, F, D, A, & C#m
Chord Transposition (with Capo): Gm -> Em, F -> D, D -> C, A -> G, C#m -> Bm
Strumming Pattern
: DU U DU or D DU (c) DU or D D UUDUD DU

Enna [Em]sona [D]kyun rab ne [C]bana[D]ya..
Enna [Em]sona [D]kyun rab ne [C]bana[D]ya..
Enna [Em]sona [D]kyun rab ne [C]bana[D]ya..
Enna [Em]sona [D]kyun rab ne [C]bana[D]ya..

Aawaan [Em]jaavan tey me [D]yaara nu[C]mana [D]waan
Aawaan [Em]jaavan tey me [D]yaara nu[C]mana [D]waan

Enna [Em]so[D]na
Enna [C]so[Em]na

Enna [Em]so[D]na oh…[C] [D]

Enna [Em]sona [D]kyu rab ne[C]banaa[D]ya…
Enna [Em]so[D]na oh…[C] [D]
Enna [Em]so[D]na oh…[C] [D]
Enna [Em]so[D]na enna [C]so[Em]naa…

Kol [G]hovey tey sake[C]lgda [D]aey
Durr [G]jaave tey dil [Em]jaldaa [D]aye
Kehdi [G]ag naal Rab ne[Em]banaa[C]ya
Rab ne[D]banaaya, Rab ne [Bm]banaaya

Enna [Em]sona [D]kyun rab ne[C]banaa[D]ya…
Enna [Em]sona [D]kyun rab ne[C]banaa[D]ya…
Aavan [Em]jaawan tey mein [D]yara nu[C]mana[D]waan
Aavan [Em]jaawan tey mein [D]yara nu[C]mana[D]waan

Enna [Em]so[D]na
Enna [C]so[Em]na…

Enna [Em]so[D]na oh…[C] [D]

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Original Song Video

@A. R. Rahman - Enna Sona Video|OK Jaanu|Arijit Singh|Shraddha Kapoor|Aditya Roy

Song Credits

Song Title: Enna Sona Kyun Rab Ne Banaya [Punjabi Version of Itna Sona Kyu Rab Ne Banaya]
Music Composition
: A. R. Rahman
Lyrics by Gulzar
Singers/Artist: Arijit Singh
Guitars: Keba Jeremiah
Bass: Keba Jeremiah
Flute Player: PMK Naveen Kumar
Music Label: Sony Music India
Language: Punjabi (Bollywood)
Releasing Year: 2017
Country: India

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