RAW – Guitar: Bulleya Chords by Rabbi Shergill

Bulleya Guitar Chords from RAW | Presenting the chords of the Bulleya song from the movie Raw by Rabbi Shergill & Shahid Mallya.

The chords that have been used in this song are Am, F, G, & E. and the scale of this song is in Am chord.

A typical punjabi beats starts and without knowing the name of the song or the artist any listener would immediately name Rabbi Shergill. “Bulleya”, sung by Rabbi for the movie Romeo Akbar Walter which is releasing on the 5th of April has an extremely soulful upbeat tune. The movie is starring John Abraham as an undercover agent and Mouni Roy.

This song also features Rabbi singing it at a party where John and Mouni are dressed in vintage attire. This is where Romeo is introduced to the audience in the movie.

Coming back to Rabbi, all of his songs have always stuck with me and I am sure many more people would agree. His way of writing is immensely complex and lyrics profound, yet he manages to get the tune that stays on forever. Rabbi shot to fame a couple of years back with “Bulla Ki Jaana”. However the lyrics for “bulleya” have been written by Ashok Punjabi.

The song Bulleya is a cheer-up jam that contains optimistic messages towards a loved one during times of introduction in their lives. The song is asking the heart where its off to, which shows how John and Mouni are attracted to each other. The song has plenty moments where the two of them exchange agreeable eye contact which positively infuses a romantic connection. The song approaches a prominent scene where Rabbi is seen offering the mic to guests to continue the song, John takes charge of the mic, gazes at Mouni and for her love to be his. He sings along explaining how madly in love he is with her furthermore forgetting everything for her love. Her beauty as seen from John’s view is highlighted in the song on a very broad aspect. The song carries on engaging the two and dropping clues for the two of them to make a move. The lyrics emphasize on the importance of seizing the opportunities that life presents and we shouldn’t be afraid to grab hold of them. Just because of the fear inside us, we sometimes fail to deliver emotions or messages.

All over the song is definitely the best of all other songs in the movie, and of course because it was Rabbi singing it, but also the lyrics have been very well put together and perfectly match the introductory phase of both John and Mouni in the beginning of the film. The distinct use of the dhol and percussion really propels the punjabi touch to the song.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Strumming Pattern: D D UUD

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Guitar Chords in Detail

Song Scale/Key: Am
No. of Chords: 4
Chords Used: Am, F, G, E
Rhythm Pattern: D D UUD

(Am)Aakh chaklo janab (F)thoda tak lo janab
(G)Sona mukh dekhke (Am)kamaal hogya
Aakh chaklo janab(F)thoda tk(G)lo janab
Tera takna baemi(Am)saal Ho gya
(A)Saddi mrzi si sare aam mar gye
Husna de teer saade uttey chal gye
Oh sath tera waah kamaal
(E)Ho gya… Oh bull(Am)eya dil kitthe challe(F)yaa…

Oh(G)Bull(Am)eya dil kithey
Oh(G)Bull(Am)eya dil kitthe

(Am)Ishq dil Badli barsa hoja tu meri tarfaan
(F)Tere peechey me to sara (G)jag bhulle(Am)ya
(Am)Aakhein hai kitni soni kaajal me ban ke soni
(F)Me to teri ankhomein he(G)jau bulle(Am)ya
Oh dekh le nazare… krde (F)ishaare
Me (Am)nhi khta…(F)khte hai sare
Oh (G)Sath tera(Am)waah kamal
(E)Ho gaya Oh bu(Am)lleya dil kithe

Oh (G)Bulle(Am)ya dil kithe
Oh (G)Bulle(Am)ya dil kithe

(Am)Aankho me zaada sapne yr Ke liye hai rakhne
(F)Neendo ne raahaton ka (G)bua kholle(Am)yaa
(Am)Dil Me jo arma dhak le umeedo se aada Rakh le
(F)Manzilo ne khusiyon ka hai(G)rang dole(Am)yaa
Ek ek krke (F)rangle na Sare
Haatho (Am)me bharke (F)khushiyo ke taare
Oh (G)sath tera (Am)waah kamal
(E)ho gya
Oh Bulle(Am)yaa dil Kithe chaley(F)aa

Oh (G)Bulle(Am)ya dil kithe
Oh (G)Bulle(Am)ya dil kithe

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Original Song Video

Bulleya | Rabbi Shergill | Shahid Mallya | RAW | John Abraham | Mouni Roy | Jackie Shroff

Song Credits

Song Title: Bulleya
Film/Movie: RAW
Singers/Artist: Rabbi Shergill & Shahid Mallya
Music Composition: Sohail Sen
Lyricist: Ashok Punjabi
Tablas Player: Sanjeev Sen
Mandolin Player: Chandrakant Lakshpati
Guitars: Abhilash Phukan
Releasing Year: 2019
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Country: India

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