Chal Para Chords by Strings Band (Guitar/Piano/Ukulele)

“Zindagi na Milegi Dobara!” Isn’t it? Then why do we live subdued and suppressed and why can’t we just follow our dreams and passions? Chal Para from 30 by Strings is that song which will make you think and ponder over your life. Composed by the versatile Strings, the song was sung by Faisal Kapadia and penned by the other members of the band. The soundtrack hails from the pop genre and uses the different guitars, the bass, the piano and the drums masterfully. This guitar based song has novice level chords that can be played by the freshers effortlessly. The progression of the chords is harmonious and subtle. The tempo of this song is moderately paced and has a signature 4/4 beat. This melody is a soulful rendition.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Recommended Pattern: D D UDUD D DU
Alternate Patterns: D DU UDU UDU UDU or D D D D D D D D

d – Down Stroke on lower three strings
D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum
C – Chuck/Mute Effect

Chal Para Guitar Chords

Song Key/Scale: A
No. of Chords: 7
Chords Used: A, D, E, Em, Bm, G, F#m
Tuning: Standard

Intro Music:
[A], [D], [A]

Verse starts here
[A]Raastey manzilon se
[A]Kyun bichad jaate[D] hai
[A]Chehrey apno ke
[A]Kyun bikhar jaate[D] hai[A]

Chorus starts here
Mera[Bm] dil[E] mann chala
Jiss[Bm] dagar pey[E] chala
[G]Me chal[D] para chal[A] para
[E]Oh…[G] me chal[D] pada chal[A] pada

Verse starts here
[A]Lamhein saath guzre
Kaise [D] kho jaate hai
[A]Waadey dil me
Kaantey kyu[D] chubhon jaate hai

Chorus starts here again
Mera[Bm] dil[E] mann chala
Jiss[Bm] dagar pey[E] chala
[G]Me chal[D] para chal[A] para
[E]Oh [G] me chal[D] para chal [A] para

[A] [E] [D] [G]
[A] [E] [A] [Em]

[G] [Em] [D] [A] [E]

Verse starts here
Ikk[A] dagar paaonv se
Yu[E] ullajhati rhi
Dhoonp[Bm] me bhi[F#m] kaali
[E]Dil ki khillti rhi
Ye [D] tamaasha[A] kbhi
[F#m] Kbhi naa ho[E] khatam

Chorus starts here again
Mera [Bm] dil[E] mann chala
Jis [Bm] dagar pe [E] chala
[G]Me chal[D] pada chal[A] pada
[E]Oh [G] me chal[D] pada chal[A] pada

Outro paragraph & music
[E]Oh [G] me chal[D] para chal[A] para
[E]Oh [G] me chal[D] para chal[A] para

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Song Video Tutorial

Chal Para | Strings | Album 30 | Complete Guitar Lesson | Original Chords With Tariq Khan

Song Information: This track is just a proper example of a rock band performance. With those various acoustic guitars and the drums, this song plays on, captivating all our hearts. Faisal has an evergreen voice and his gentle yet powerful vocals mesmerise us totally. Faisal performs this melody in a stellar manner and keeps us spell bound. The lyrics are very thought provoking and life inspiring. In this world of anxiety where we are living a robotic life tied to deadlines, goals and a zest to better others, do we live for ourselves? Do we follow our hopes or dreams? Chal Para will make you give your aims a thought and will inspire you to just walk away and follow your heart as it is never wrong. Many people require a push to tread the path less travelled by and this number is just that push that you have been looking for.

Song Credits

Song Title: Chal Para/Chal Pada
Singer/Band: Strings
Album: 30
Releasing Year: November 2018
Country: India/Pakistan
Language: Hindi

More About the Song: Chal Para is a song that is indeed motivational and will make you question your life and inspire you to follow the path your heart leads you to. Strings has done a commendable job in making a song so wonderful and alluring. This rock band from Pakistan has once again proved to us that music transcends all boundaries and unites humanity. Borders may separate us but music is strong enough to bring everyone together and Chal Para is that song which testifies this claim. The video of this song has been filmed on the members of the Strings themselves and seeing them on screen is an immense delight. This groovy melody will always remain a timeless piece and will continue to enchant us in the coming years as well. The serenading rhythm and those musical pieces played on the guitars and the bass is beyond perfection. The piano at the background is quite soothing and soft and gives a very refreshing vibe to this melody. This track is the ideal companion on a long solo trip, or a long drive or on a nostalgic and pensive lazy afternoon. And if you are looking for any melody that you can strum on your guitar for the jamming sessions then Chal Para is the right song for you.

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