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Zindagi Mil Jayegi Guitar Chords | If you’re the fan of Hindi music chords then this post is for you, today we’ve Zindagi Mil Jayegi song by Neha Kakkar & Tony Kakkar. The lyrics of this song are penned by the singer Tony Kakkar and music is also composed by him. The flute part is covered by Tejas Vinchurkar & Nikhil honkalas, and on the guitars we have Prachotosh bhowmick. The chords of this song are D, A, G, Bm where D is the scale of this song and it’s a 4 chord song. The strumming pattern suggested by us for this song is D DD D D where D is Down Stroke.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Strumming Pattern: D DD D D

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Guitar Chords in Detail

Song Scale: D
Chords Used: D, A, G, & Bm
Rhythm Pattern: D DD D D

Chord Progression

(D)Mujhe (Bm)teri wafa ka
(A)Sahaara mil jaaye (D)to
(G)Zindagi (A)mil jayegi
(G)Zindagi (D)mil jayegi

Meri (Bm)doobi si kashti (A)ko
(A)Kinaara mill jaaye (D)to
(G)Zindagi (A)mil jayegi
(G)Zindagi (D)mil jaayegi

(D)Tumhe maanga dua me
(D)Tu shaamo me subha me
(D)Me tera (G)hoon mulaazim
(G)Tu shaamil (A)hai khuda (D)me

(D)Mere meh(Bm)tab tera
(A)Nazaara mil jaaye (D)to
(G)Zindagi (A)mil jayegi
(G)Zindagi (D)mil jayegi

(D)Nhi chaaha mujhe (G)kisi ne
Na (A)apna banaaya (D)hai
(D)Tu mujhe (G)lgta hai Kis(A)smat se
(A)Mere hissey me aaya (D)hai

(D)Mujhe ab (Bm)mere hissey ki
(A)Khusiyaan mil jaaye (D)to
(G)Zindagi (A)mil jayegi
(D)Zindagi (D)mil jayegi

(D)Bada maa(G)soom tha dil (Bm)mera
Kitno (A)ne dukhaaya (D)hai
(D)Haan bahut (G)roya yeh chhup-chhup ke
Tumne (A)aake hasaaya (D)hai

(D)Meri (Bm)kaali si raaton ko
(A)Sitaara mill jaye (D)to
(G)Zindagi (A)mil jayegi
(G)Zindagi (D)mill jayegi

(D)Tumhe manga dua me
(D)Tu shaamo main subaah me
(D)Me tera (G)hu mulazim
(G)Tu shamil (A)hai khuda (D)me

(D)Mere meh(Bm)ttab tera
(A)Najaara mil jaaye (D)to
(G)Zindagi (A)mil jayegi
(G)Zindagi (D)mil jayegi

(D)Mujhe (Bm)teri wafa ka
(A)Sahara mill jaaye (D)to
(G)Zindagi (A)mil jayegi
(G)Zindagi (D)mil jayegi

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Original Song Video

Zindagi Mil Jayegi - Tony Kakkar & Neha Kakkar

Song Credits

Song Name: Zindagi Mil Jayegi
Singer/Artist: Tonny Kakkar & Neha Kakkar
Music Composed by Tony Kakkar
Lyricist: Tony Kakkar
Flute: Tejas Vinchurkar & Nikhil honkalas
Guitar: Prachotosh bhowmick
Drums: Souvik Roy
Piano: Sayantan dutta
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Releasing Year: 2018
Country: India

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