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Baaki Hai Guitar Chords | Presenting the chords of melodious song from 5 Weddings movie – Baaki Hai. The lyrics of this song are penned by Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay, and voiced by Sonu Nigam and Sherya Ghosal. The music of this song is published under the label of T-Series. 5 weddings movie is set to release on 26th of October, it is directed and produced by Namrata Singh Gujral. In this song Raj Kumar Rao and Nargis Fakhri are playing a beautiful romantic drama. This song is a 5 chord song, we’ve used F#m, E, A, D, & Bm (B minor) chords to play the song on our acoustic guitar and we are playing the DUD UDU or D UUD UUD as the Rhythm where D is Down Strum and U is Up Strum.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Strumming Pattern: DUD UDU or D UUD UUD

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Guitar Chords in Detail

Song Scale: F#m
Chords Used: F#m, E, A, D, Bm
Rhythm Pattern: DUD UDU or D UUD UUD

(F#m)Sone se phle
(E)dekh ke sona
(F#m)Neend me (E)puchoon
(D)ke tum (F#m)ho na

(F#m)Subha subha jb
(E)aankh me kholu
(E)Aakey sirhaane
(D)tum bait(F#m)hona

(F#m)Mere liye (Bm)tera itna
karna he kaafi (A)hai
(F#m)Mujhko tumse ishq (E)ho gya
(E)Tumko hona (F#m)baaki hai aey(D)

(F#m)Mujhko tumse ishq (E)ho gaya
(E)Tumko hona (F#m)baaki hai…

(F#m)Aankh mein (D)teri
(F#m)ghar ho mera
(E)Gaud me teri sir ho (F#m)mera
(F#m)Poochte (Bm)ho jab kaisa hoo (E)me
(E)Haal tabhi behtar ho (F#m)mera

(F#m)Meri (Bm)raza tu jaan (E)gya
(E)Abb tu bhi kya raazi (A)hai

(F#m)Mujhko tumse ishq (E)ho gya
(E)Tumko hona (F#m)baaki hai aye(D)

(F#m)Mujhko tumse ishq (E)ho gya
(E)Tumko hona (F#m)baaki hai…

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Video Tutorial

Original Song Video

Baaki Hai Video | 5 Weddings | Raj Kummar Rao, Nargis Fakhri | Sonu Nigam | Shreya Ghoshal

Song Credits

Song Name: Baaki Hai
Album/Film/Movie Name: 5 Weddings
Singer/Artists: Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal
Music Composition: Vibhas
Lyricists: Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay
Music Label: T-Series
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Releasing Year: 2018
Country: India

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