Lover Guitar Chords Taylor Swift with Strumming Pattern (Guitar)

Love is so mesmerising and the lover is so beautiful and charming. The song Lover from the super hit album Lover is the song that eulogises and glorifies the lover. Sung by the one and only Taylor Swift, this track has been penned down by Taylor herself. The melody belongs and covers a lot of genres like the pop, pop rock, electro pop and synth-pop and has some effects of country, dream pop, pop punk, funk and R&B. This guitar based track has used drums and other instruments quite euphoniously. Lover chords are simple and easy and the beginners and the amateurs can also play them with fluency. The guitar chords of Lover are six in number and they are G, C, D, Em, Am, F. The song has been played in the G scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Lover follow a strumming pattern of DDD D DD.

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Lover Taylor Swift Chords

Song Key/Scale: G
Chords Used: G, C, D, Em, Am, F
Strumming Pattern: DDD D DD

Intro Music:
[G] [D] [C] [C]
[G] [ Em] [C]

Verse starts here
[G]We can leave the Christ[D]mas light up till [C]January
[G]And this is our [D]place we made the [C]rules
And there is a [G]dazzling haze
A myst[D]erious way about [C]you… Dear
[G]Have I known you twenty [D]seconds or twenty [C]years?

Chorus starts here
Can I [G]go [D]where you [C]go?
Can we [G]always [D]be this [C]close forever & ever & [G]ahh
Take me [D]out & take me [C]home
You are [G]my… my… [Em]my… [D]my [C] lover[G][D][C]

Verse starts here
[G]We could let our [D]friends crash in the [C]living room
[G]This is our [D]place we made the [C]call
And I am [G]highly suspicious that [D]everyone who sees you [C]wants you
I have [G]loved you three summers now [D]Honey
But I want[C]’em all

Chorus starts here
Can I [G]go [D]where you [C]go?
Can we [G]always [D]be this [C]close forever & ever & [G]ahh
Take me [D]out & take me [C]home
You are [G]my… my… [Em]my… [D]my [C]lover

Bridge starts here
[G]Ladies & Gentlemen
[D]Will you please stand?
[Em]With every guitar string sc[F]ar on my hand
[C]I take this magnetic [G]force of a man to be [Am]my [D]lover
[G]My heart is been borrowed & [D]yours has been blue
[Em]All is well that ends well to [F]end up with you
[C]Swear to be overdram[G]atic & true to [Am]my [G]lover
And you will save all your [F]dirtiest jokes [C]for me
And at every [Am]table I will save you a [D]seat… lover

Chorus starts here
[G]Lover [D]where you [C]go?
Can [G]we always [D]be this [C]close forever & ever & [G]ahh
Take me [G]out & take me [C]home…. forever & ever
You are [G]my… my… [Em]my… my[C]
Oh! you are [G]my… my… [Em]my… my[C]
Darling you are [G]my… my… [Em]my… my[C]

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Taylor Swift - Lover (Official Music Video)

Song Credits

Song/Album Title: Lover
Artist/Singer: Taylor Swift
Director: Drew Kirsch & Taylor Swift
Guitar Player: Jack Antonoff
Release Date: August 16, 2019

More About the Song: Lover is an extremely romantic song. The track croons about how much the love struck girl is smitten by a boy and she is going all gaga over him. The excitement and the intense amorous feelings have been well presented in this melody. Taylor has exactly penned down the indescribable feelings that we harbour deep inside our hearts for someone we love the most. Every girl who is head over heels in love with someone can find themselves relating to this track. The music is very groovy and the beats are quite feet tapping. You will want to sway along with the tune as soon as you hear it. Lover has a tinge of the 1980s synth-pop and is a beautiful country waltz. The music runs on gently and is quite soothing and refreshing. Taylor’s voice is very powerful and mellifluous. Her vocals are mesmerising and keep us enchanted making us get hooked onto this song. Topping the Billboard 200 list, this melody is trending over and is currently the song that you want to hear on loop. And if you want to serenade with your lover in your arms on a very romantic date, then this is the ideal melody that will set the mood right.
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