Guitar: Tera Yaar Hoon Main Chords | Arijit Singh (w/wo Capo)

Tera Yaar Hoon Main Guitar Chords | Everyone has a best friend, and what better way to make them feel loved and acknowledged by having a song for that, Tera Yaar Hoon Main, from the movie Sonu Ki Titu Ki Sweety, is one of the sweetest and the most heart wrenching friendship songs, I have heard. This track would very soon become a re-union anthem. This song is sung by the one of the most acclaimed playback singers in the B-town Arijit Singh, giving us the greatest hits like, Tum Hi Ho and many more, and composed by Rochak Kohli and words given by, Kumaar. Indian audience loves relatability and being able to identify with the song is, especially when it is a soft one, is what makes it successful and a fan favorite. This song, pictured on two friends and the fallout between them, is a feeling every person has dealt with.

The most important and pure form of a bond for everyone individual is the bond of friendship, and life without friends is bland. This song breaks the barriers of the love we have for our friends, it’s more emotional than any love song we see around us, and you don’t even realize that you’ve shed two odd tears, and that’s perhaps the beauty of the song. The song, sort of talks about a breakup in a friendship but still being ready to rekindle, going down the memory lane remembering and cherishing the moments. The composition and melody along with Arijit’s voice moves you from within. You would never find a voice like that of Arijit Singh, he gives the song a bright and filling touch, and brightens up the whole song. The combination of the instruments in this track is very subtle and relaxed, with light strings and the keys, and accentuates the singer’s voice. The lyrics are brilliantly written and pour out the feeling of every individual that values friendship, and would be quoted at a lot of weddings of their best friends.

It’s a bummer that this track is slightly underrated and didn’t get the recognition it deserved considering this movie had a lot of party songs; but this track surpasses all of them. The most likable aspect of this song, is somewhere in the middle, when the song takes a turn and changes into a different tune which is so smooth and fresh, making it fit so well, with the mood of the song, which is also a wedding song. And I think there is a great elevation from that point, ending the song on a high point with the drums, violins, the shehnai and the dhol, makes the song complete and fulfilling, making the listener want more.

In this article we’ve shared two versions of the guitar chords – One with the capo on the fret board and another without using the capo. To play the capo version of this song you need to place the capo on the 3rd fret (Third fretboard) and chords with capo will become – G, C , Em , D, Am and if you don’t want to use the capo then you can simply play the song using A#, D#, Gm, F, Cm, D, C, & G.

Chords without Capo: (A#, D#, Gm, F, Cm, D, C, G)
Chords with Capo on third fret: (A#=>G, D#=>C, Gm=>Em, F=>D, Cm=>Am, D=>C#, C=>A, G=>E)

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Strumming Pattern: DD UDUD UDUD or D D U U D D DU

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Guitar Chords in Detail (With Capo)

Tempo: 85
Time Signature: 4/4
Capo Position: 3rd Fret
Chords Used: G, C , Em , D, Am

Song Intro Music:


[G]Tu jo rootha to [C] kon hasega
[G]Tu jo choota to [C] kaun rhega
[G]Tu chup hai to ye [C] dar lgta hai
[G]Apnaa mjhko ko abb [C] kon kahega

[Em]Tu he wajah
[D]Tere bina [Am] bewaajah [C] bekar hu me
Tera yaar hoon [G] main [C]
Tera yaar hoon [G] main [C]



[G]Aja ladein fir kheelono ke (Em) liye
Tu [C] jeete me haar [D] jau
[G]Aja kare fir woi [Em] sharaaratein
Tu [C] bhaage me maar [D] khau

[Em]Meethi si wo [D] gaali teri
[Am]Sun ne ko [C] taiyaar hu me
Tera yaar hoon [G] main [C]
Tera yaar hoon [G] main [C]
Tera yaar [G] hoon [Em][G][D]

[G]Sajna dey rang rangaaiyan vey
[Em]Sagna diyan sehnaaiyan vey
[C]Dhol wajaange yaar nachaangey
[D]Lakh-lakh dio badhaaiyan ve

[G]Khushiyanch nachda me [Em] firaa
[C]Hanju an to bachda me [D] firaan

[G]Oh jaate nai kahi rishtey [Em] puraane
Kisi [C] naye ke aa [D] jaane se
[G] Jata hu me to mjhe tu [Em] jane de
Kyu [C] pareshaan hai mere [D] jane se

Tuta hai [Em] to judaa hai kyu
Meri [D] taraff tu mudaa hai kyu
Hak [C] nhi tu ye kahe ki yaar [D] abb hum na rhe

[Em]Ek teri [D] yaari ka he
[Am]Saato janam hak[C]daar hu me
Tera yaar hoon [G] main[C]

Tera yaar hoon [G] main[C]
Tera yaar hoon [G] main[C]
Tera yaar [G] hoon main

Guitar Chords in Detail (without Capo)

Tempo: 85
Time Signature: 4/4
Song Scale/Key: A#
Capo: Optional
Chords Used: A#, D#, Gm, F, Cm, D, C, G
Chords with Capo: (A#=>G, D#=>C, Gm=>Em, Cm=>Am, F=>D, C=>A, D=>C#)

Song Intro: [A#] [D#] [Gm] [F] [Two Times]

[A#]Tu jo rootha to [D#]kon hassega
[Gm]Tu jo choota to [Cm]kon rahe[F]ga
[A#]Tu chupp hai to ye [D#]dar lgta hai
[Gm]Apnaa mjhko ko abb [F]kaun kahega

[Gm]Tu he wajah
[F]Tere bina [Cm]bewaajah [D#]bekaar hu me
Tera yaar hoon [A#]me[F]
Tera yaar hoon [A#]me[F]

[A#]Aja lade fir khilonoke [D#]liye
Tu jeete me haar[F] jaunn
[A#]Aja kare fir whi [Gm]sharaaratein
Tu bhaagey me maar [F]khaunn

[Gm]Meethi si wo [F]gaali teri
[Cm]Sunn ne ko [D#]taiyaar hoon main
Tera yaar hoon [A#]main[F]
Tera yaar hoon[A#] main[F]
Tera yaar [G]hoon

[G]Sajna dey rang rangaaiyan vey
[C]Sagana diya sehnaiyaan vey
[D]Dhol wajaangey yaar naachange
[C]Lakh-lakh diyo [G]badhaaiyan vey

[D#]Khusiyaanch nachhda me [F]Fira
[D#]Hanjuaan ton bachda me [F]Firaan[A#]

Music: [A#] [D#] [A#]

[A#]Oh jaate nhi khi rishtey [Gm]poorane
Kissi [Cm]naye ke aa [F]jaane se
[A#]Jata hu me to mujhe tu [Gm]jaane de
Kyu [Cm]pareshaan hai mere [F]jaane sey

Toota hai [Gm]to judaa hai kyu
Meri [F]taraf tu mudaa hai kyu
Hak [Gm]nhi tu ye khe ki yaar [F]abb hum naa rhe

[Gm]Ek teri [F]yaari ka he
[Cm]Saato janam hak[D#]daar hun mein
Tera yaar hoon [A#]main[F]

Tera yaar hoon [A#]main[F]
Tera yaar hoon [A#]main[F]
Tera yaar [D#]hoon main

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Original Song Video

Full Video: Tera Yaar Hoon Main | Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety | Arijit Singh Rochak Kohli | Song 2018

Song Credits

Singer/Artists: Arijit Singh, Rochak Kohli
Album/Movie/Film: Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety
Releasing Year: 2018
Lyrics: Kumaar
Music Composer: Rochak Kohli
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Music Label: T-Series

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