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Kaise Bhuloon Guitar Chords | Gurnazar chattha’s another hit number “kaise bhuloon” came out earlier in the month of January.

The song starts with the iconic and melodious tune of violin which strikes the bird eye in the beginning itself. Violin had been one of the most heart-wrenching musical instrument through ages. The introduction of the violin adds a sombre tone to the entire song. Gurnazaar’s voice on the other hand instils passion for love and life. His voice is like the clarion call for the failed and unrequited lovers to love even more.

The song comes in three main verses with one chorus being repeated after the first two verses and again after the third verse. On having a keen observation of the lyrics we can find out that this song represents the pain of unrequited love and unforgettable commitment towards someone. The inability to forget the pain-ladened memories with his/her beloved. The catchy beat comes up when the drums kick in. It is melodious enough to give a soothing feeling to everyone who would listen to this song irrespective of their relationship status. The song is the voice of those lovers who are in favour of unconditional love. At times parting with each each other is the last straw. The lyrics show us the innumerable feelings one can experience during their course of love and how tough it gets forgetting them. Abundance of care when not reciprocated, hurts like hell, whether it’s a choice or not. The lover here is enamored by his/her subject of interest. The tune is somber though but brings a clear sense of pure love lurking around the nooks and corners of our hearts.

Such emotions are of thousands out there. To bridge the gap between a lover and his/her unrequited love might be tough at times. The concept though not being a fiasco turns out to be challenging and paves a way for showing even more love for someone. True love would always find it’s way. The lyrics when one is observant can be explained in Murakami’s words “ Memories warm u up from inside, but they also tear u apart”. Melody, tune, lyrics and a magical voice makes “Kaise bholoon” a praiseworthy song.

The scale of this beautiful and romantic song (sad) is in Em, 4 chords are being used in the chord progression- Em, Am, D & C Chord.

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Kaise Bhuloon Guitar Chords

Song Scale/Key: Em
No. of Chords: 4
Chords Used: Em, D, Am, C

Kaise[Em] bhulunga woh[D] raat me
Kaise[Em] mitta du wo[D]h jazbaat me
[Am]Mehsoos kia jo[D] maine
Bta kaise[Em] bhuloon

Kaise[Em] bhulu teri[D] baat woh
Tujhse[Em] huwi… jo[D] mulaakat woh
[Am]Mehsoos kia jo[D] mene
Bta kaise[Em] bhuloon

Kaise[Em] bhuloon naa[Am]sar yeh
Kaise[C] bhuloon[D] [Two Times]

[Em]Inn ankhon mein jo[D] nami hai
Wo[C]h tu hai[Em]
[Em]Zindagi mein jo[D] kami hai
Wo[C]h tu hai

[Em]Dil me bassa[D] leta hu
[Am]Teri Kahi hr[D] bat[Em] me
[Em]Seene se lagaaye[D] rkhta hu
[Am]Wo yaado ki[D] saugaaat[Em] me

Kaise[Em] bhuloon tera[D] saath me
Kaise[Em] bhuloon woh din wo[D]h raat me
[Am]Mehsoos kiye jo[D] mene
Bata kaise[Em] bhuloon [Two Times]

Kaise[Em] bhuloon naa[Am]sar yeh
Kaise[C] bhuloon[D] [Two Times]

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Original Song Video

Gurnazar- Kaise Bhuloon | Aniket Chindak | Official Music Video

Song Credits

Song Name: Kaise Bhuloon/Kasie Bhulu
Singer/Artist: Gurnazar Chattha
Lyricist: Gurnazar Chattha
Music Composer: Gurnazar Chattha
Flue Player: Ravi Singh
Violin by Naushad
Guitars: Shivansh
Releasing Year: 2019
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Country: India

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