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There are times when life just comes to a standstill as you find yourself surrounded by the dark clouds of defeat and bad times. Dua Karo from the movie Street Dancer is a song that talks about this. Sung by the mellifluent Arijit Singh, Bohemia and Sachin- Jigar, the melody has been composed by the versatile Sachin-Jigar and has been penned down by the poetic Priya Saraiya. The guitar chords of Dua Karo are simple and easy and can be played by the beginners as well. Dua Karo chords have been played with the capo and they are Am, G, F, E, Dm. The capo position is in the 3rd fret. The song has been played in the Cm scale with a moderately paced tempo and signature 4/4 beats. Dua Karo guitar chords have a smooth and harmonious progression and follow the strumming pattern of DD UDUDU DDU.

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Dua Karo Guitar Chords

Original Song Scale/Key: Cm
Capo Position: 3rd Fret
Chords Used with Capo: Am, G, F, E, Dm
Status: Accurate & Verified
Strumming Pattern: DD UDUDU DDU

Intro Plucking: 54123412

Sara (Am)jag ghumeya me
Sare (Am)raaste dhundeya me
Apne (F)ghr ka pata
Jaane (E)kyu bhuleya me

Iss (Am)mod se mudd gya
Auro (Am)se kyu judd gya me
Apno (F)se he khata
Jaane (E)kyu kar gya me

(Am)Maafi mil jaye mujhe
(G)Aansu tham jaye mere
(F)Baat ye sunle
(E)Wo khuda

Ke aj koyi (Am)dua karo mere layi
Ke aj koyi (Am)dua karo mere layi
Ke aj koyi (Dm)dua karo
Koyi (F)dua karo
Koyi (G)dua karo mere (E)layi

Ke aj koyi (Am)dua karo mere layi
Ke aj koyi (Am)dua karo mere layi
Ke aj iss (Dm)raat ki
koyi (F)subaah karo
Koyi (G)subaah karo mere (E)layi

Music: Am, Am

Ha tu mujhe rone de
Sari raat takleef mujhe hone de
Mera chainokarar mujhe khone de
Baechain me rahu
Sari duniya ko chain se sone de
Maine kya kia
Apno ke saath maine kya kia
Me dhokha sbko he hai dia
Apnoko harke me jiya toh kya jiya

Kis kam ki hai jeet
Bs nam ki hai jeet
Nasha jam ki hai jeet
Sala haram bhi hai jeet

Ho (Am)qaafir to nahi
Yaara me (G)qaafir to nahi
(F)Apna hun gairon me
Me (G)shaamil to (E)nahi

(Am)Bhula hun ha me
(G)Bhula par khoya to nahi
(F)Raasta dikhaade mujhe
(G)Saiyaan tu (E)sahi

Oh (Am)kaabil banaade mujhe
Chaahe (G)sazade mujhe
Ab (F)to gale se le (E)laga

Ke ajj koi (Am)dua karo mere layi
Ke ajj koi (Am)dua karo mere layi
Ke ajj koi (Dm)dua karo
Koi (F)dua karo
Koi (G)dua karo mere (E)layi

Ke ajj koyi (Am)dua karo mere layi
Ke ajj koyi (Am)dua karo mere layi
Ke ajj iss (Dm)raat ki
koyi (F)subah karo
Koyi (G)subah karo mere (E)layi

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Dua Karo Guitar Lesson

More About the Song: Dua Karo is a very heart rending song. The lyrics are very emotional and metaphorical. Though the tune is melancholic and doleful, the beats are groovy and quite fast. Bohemia’s rap is beyond excellence and Arijit Singh has as usual kept us spellbound with his stellar performance. With the euphonious use of guitars, bass, drums and flutes Sachin-Jigar have once again gifted us with another path-breaking hit. The melody harmonises well with the pensive and dejected mood. And if you are facing hard times and want some hope to sail through this dark phase, make this track your anthem and keep patience as everything will be alright.

Song Credits

Song Title: Dua Karo
Singers/Artists: Arijit Singh, Bohemia, Sachin- Jigar
Music Composition: Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics by Priya Saraiya
Music Label: T-Series
Language: Hindi
Releasing Year: 2020

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