Hacked: Tu Jo Mili Chords with Strumming

When you start liking someone you just can’t get enough of that person. Wherever you go that person always goes along with you in your mind and heart. Tu jo mili from Hacked is that mesmerising melody that justifies this statement. Sung by the mellifluous Yaseer Desai, the melody has been composed by the maestro Jeet Gannguli and has been penned down by the poetic Shakeel Azmi. Tu jo mili chords are simple and easy and can be played by the beginners too fluently. Tu jo mili guitar chords are six in number and they are Em, C, D, Am, B, G. The melody has been played in the Em scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Tu jo mili provided here are both verified and accurate. The guitar chords of Tu jo mili follow a strumming pattern of D DUDUD.

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Tu Jo Mili Guitar Chords

Song Key/Scale: Em
Chords Used: Em, C, D, Am, B, G
Strumming Pattern: D DUDUD

Intro Music:
[Em] [Am] [B] [G] [Two Times]

Me [Em]garmiyon ka [Am]din koi
[B]Tere liye har pal [G]jalun
Tu [Em]sardiyon ki [Am]shaam hai
[B]Pau tujhe to mein [G]dhalu

Hun [Em]jakhm jakhm me
Aur [C]marhamon si tu
[Am]Dede mujhe tu [B]sukoon

Tu jo [C]mili
[D]Sahaara sa [B]mujh ko [G]mila
Dooba tha [C]me
[D]Kinaara sa [B]mujh ko [G]mila

Tu jo [C]mili
[D]Sahara sa [B]mujhko [G]mila
Dooba tha[C] main
[D]Kinara sa [B]mujhko [G]mila

Mujh ko [Em]mila [C] [D]
Mujh ko [Em]mila

[Em] [Am] [B] [G] [Two Times]

[Em]Bin tere me zindagi ke
Aaine me kitna tha [Am]adhoora
[C]Khudko tujhse jodke
Jo [D]maine dekha to
Laga hun [G]pura [B]

[Em]Me tha jo bhi, na tha wo bhi
Ab hun jo bhi shukriya hai [Am] tera
[C]Pattharon me yeh khuda sa
[D]Dhundhne ka nazariya hai [G]tera

Na [Em]shaksh me, na [Am]shaksiyatt
[B]Barso se hun benaam [G]sa
[Em]Banzaron se [Am]firta hun me
[B]Banja na tu ghar ka [G]pata

Hun [Em]dard dard me
Aur [C]hai dawa si tu
[Am]Dede mujhe tu [B]sukoon

Tu jo [C]mili
[D]Sahaara sa [B]mujh ko [G]mila
Dooba tha [C]me
[D]Kinaara sa [B]mujh ko [G]mila

Tu jo [C]mili
[D]Sahara sa [B]mujh ko [G]mila
Dooba tha [C]me
[D]Kinara sa [B]mujh ko [G]mila

Mujhko [Em]mila [C] [D]
Mujhko [Em]mila

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YouTube Audio

Hacked - Full Audio Jukebox | Hina Khan | Vikram Bhatt |Jeet,Arko,Chirantan,InderSunny,AmjadNadeem

More About the Song: Tu jo mili is a romantic ballad that will make you groove and sway to its enchanting tune and soulful music. The lyrics are conversational and quite relatable by all the lovebirds. The melody talks of how the lover is captivated by the beloved and can’t do without her. The beats are soft and subtle. Yasser has done a commendable job and his dulcet crooning just keeps us spellbound. We cannot help but listen to this song on loop. The melody is a perfect wingman for you if you want to serenade with your better half on a romantic date night.

Song Credits

Song Title: Tu Jo Mili
Music Composition: Jeet Gannguli
Singer/Artist: Yasser Desai
Movie/Film: Hacked
Lyrics by
Shakeel Azmi
Guitar Player: Ankur Mukherjee
Releasing Year: 2020
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)

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