Easy Naam Chords with Capo & Strumming Pattern | Tulsi Kumar, Millind Gaba

Naam is a very emotional melody. Naam guitar chords are simple and easy and can be played by the beginners and amateurs quite easily. The guitar chords of Naam are C, G, F, Am. This song can also be strummed with a capo. The capo position will be in the 4th fret. The strumming pattern followed by the chords of Naam are D DUDU D DUDU.

Naam chords provided here a both verified and accurate. This melody has been sung by the mellifluous Tulsi Kumar and the versatile Milind Gaba. The song has been composed by the very talented Nirmaan and has been penned down by the poetic Jaani. From the feature film soundtrack genre, this number uses the strings, the guitars and the bass quite euphoniously. The song runs on with a moderately paced tempo and signature 4/4 beats. The video of this song is just a treat to the eyes.

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Naam Guitar Chords With Capo

Capo Position: 4th Fret
Chords Used: C, G, F, Am
Strumming Pattern: D DUDU D DUDU

(C)Bhul gaye wo (G)din kyu re Jaani
(F)Kyu wo shaam bhi (G)bhul gaye
(C)Pehle to bhuley (G)mujh ko sanam tum
(F)Fir mera naam bhi (G)bhul gaye

(Am)Je kujh vi (G)nahi (F)yaad tainu (G)
(Am)Aaja ve (G)maar (F)de mainu (G)
(Am)Mera ki (G)dasde (F)kasoor (G)
(Am)Kyun hoya (G)mere kolon (F)door (G)

(C)Pehli baari (G)humne dia tha
(F)Jo laake wo jaam bhi (G)bhul gaye
(C)Pehle to bhule (G)mujh ko sanam tum
(F)Phir mera naam bhi (G)bhool gaye

(C)Haal humaara (G)tere bin oh yaara
(F)Haal hai apna (G)aise
(C)Nikal kar pani se (G)machli koyi rey
(F)Tadapti hoti hai (G)jaise

(Am)Vey raaton (G)raat zindagi(F)ch kadde (G)
(Am)Haye rab kare (G)tainu vi koyi (F)chad de(G)
(C)Mera ki (G)das de (F)kasoor (G)
(C)Kyon hoya (G)mere kolon (F)durr(G)

(C)Hai tere he karke (F)duniya me saari
(F)Hum badnaam bhi (G)bhul gaye
(C)Bhool gaye wo (F)din kyu re Jaani
(F)Kyu wo shaam bhi (G)bhool gaye

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Naam Official Video | Tulsi Kumar Feat. Millind Gaba | Jaani |Nirmaan,Arvindr Khaira | Bhushan Kumar

Naam is a romantic melody with some heart-wrenching lyrics. Partings and distances are always painful and this song elucidates it splendidly. There is a sense of pathos imbibed deeply in the track and this in turn has a resonating effect over our mind and heart. That is what makes Naam so endearing to the audience. The duet by Tulsi Kumar and Milind Gaba is stellar and it is pure bliss to the ears. Tulsi’s sweet vocals and Milind’s dulcet voice- both make us go gaga over this track. The song harmonises well with the pensive and the sullen mood.

Song Credits

Song Title: Naam
Singers/Artists: Tulsi Kumar, Millind Gaba
Music Composition: Nirmaan
Lyrics by Jaani
Music Label: T-Series
Releasing Year: 2020
Language: Hindi

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