Easy: Hum Kis Gali Ja Rahe Hai Chords with Guitar Strumming

Atif Aslam is a living legend. He indeed needs no introduction. His name says it all. Hum kis gali jaa rahe hai from the album Doorie just talks about his versatility and talent. Sung and penned down by the legendary Atif himself, this track has been composed by the maestro Sachin Gupta. This pop song uses the guitars, the drums and other instruments quite euphoniously. Hum kis gali jaa rahe hai chords are simple and easy and the beginners can play them as well quite fluently. The guitar chords of Hum kis gali jaa rahe hai are three in number and they are D, A, & G. The melody has been played in the D scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Hum kis gali jaa rahe hai have a smooth and harmonious progression and follow a strumming pattern of DDUUD.

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Hum Kis Gali Ja Rahe Hai Guitar Chords

Song Scale/Key: D
Status: Verified & Accurate
Difficulty: Easy
Chords Used: D, A, & G
Strumming Pattern: DDUUD

[D]Hum kis gali ja [A]rahe hain
[D]Hum kis gali jaa [A]rahe hain
[G]Apna koi thik[A]aana [D]nahi [A]
[G]Apna koi thik[A]aana [D]nahi

[D]Armaanon ki [A]anjumann me
[D]Besudd hai apni [A]lagan me
[G]Apna koyi [A]fassaana [D]nahi [A]
[G]Apna koyi [A]fassaana [D]nahi

[G]Yeyyy yehh [A]yeahhh
[G]oow oh [A]oh oow

[D]Ek ajnabi [A]sa chehra [G]rehta hai meri [A]nazar me
[D]Ek dard [A]aakey thehra [G]din raat dard-ae-[A]jigar me
[D]Ek ajnabi sa [A]chehra rehta hai [G]meri nazar [A]me
[D]Ek dard aakey [A]thehra din [G]raat dard-ae-[A]jigar me

[D]Jaagi hai kesi [A]talab si
[D]Ye aarzoo hai [A]ajab si

[G]Lekin [A]kisi ko [D]bataana [A]nahi
[G]Lekin kisi ko [A]bataana [D]nahi

[D]Betabiyaa hai [A]pal-pal, [G]chaaya ye kaisa [A]nasha hai
[D]Khaamoshiyaan me [A]sada [G]hosh bhi [A]gumshooda hai
[D]Betabiyaa hai [A]pal-pal, [G]chaaya ye kaisa [A]nasha hai
[D]Khaamoshiyaan me [A]sada [G]hosh bhi [A]gumshooda hai

[D]Dar-dar par [A]ghumta hai
[D]Masti me kyu [A]jhoomta hai
[G]Deewaane [A]dil ne [D]jaana [A]nahi
[G]Deewaane [A]dil ne [D]jaana nahi

[D]Hum kis gali ja [A]rahe hain
[D]Hum kis gali ja [A]rahe hain
[G]Apna koi thik[A]aana [D]nahin [A]
[G]Apna koi thik[A]aana [D]nahin

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Hum Kis Gali Jaa Rahe Hai - Video Song (Remix) | Doorie | Atif Aslam | Sachin Gupta

Song Credits

Song Title: Hum Kis Gali Ja Rahe Hai
Singer/Artist: Atif Aslam
Album Title: Doorie
Language: Hindi/Urdu
Country: Pakistan

More About the Song: Hum kis gali jaa rahe hai is a very soothing and refreshing song. This melody is a living proof of the fact that music transcends all borders and boundaries. This number teaches us that it is music that unites all and brings everyone together. This song was released originally in Pakistan and then also in India but people from all over the world fell instantly in love with it. This number remained a chartbuster for a long time and attracted a huge number of audiences towards it. The music, the lyrics and the vocals are totally mesmerising. It still rules our hearts even today and brings with it a lot of nostalgia and happy memories we had back then. Atif’s stellar performance is truly spellbinding and will keep you enchanted. His powerful and gentle vocals are beyond all praise and perfection. The video of this song is very sweet and is quite a visual treat. Hum kis gali jaa rahe hai harmonises well with the happy, nostalgic mood and you will surely enjoy it on a lonely afternoon embraced in solitude. And if you want to take a walk down the memory lane, then take out your guitar and start strumming those chords.
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