Easy: Ghungroo Chords with Capo & Strumming Pattern (Guitar)

So as the weekend is approaching, why sit at home where you can go to the club and show off your moves? Oh wait! Are you looking for some great music? Look no more as the chartbuster Ghungroo from the much awaited film War has arrived. Sung by the one and only Arijit Singh and Shilpa Rao, this song has been composed by the maestro duo Vishal and Shekhar and has been penned down by the poetic Kumaar. This guitar based song is from the feature film soundtrack genre. Ghungroo chords are simple and easy. The guitar chords of Ghungroo are six in number and they are F#m, G#m, Bm, D, B, E. The melody has been played in the F#m scale with a quite fast tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Ghungroo have a smooth and harmonious progression and follow a strumming pattern of D UD and on the place “Ghungroo toot gaye” DUDUD is to be strummed.

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Ghungroo Guitar Chords

Original Song Key/Scale: F#m
Capo Position: 2nd fret
Chords Used: Em, G, C, Bm, A, D
Strumming Pattern: D UDUD UDUD DU
Strum Explained: D UD (play “Ghungroo toot gaye” with DUDUD)

(Em)Kyun lamhein kha(G)raab kare
(Bm)Aa galti behi(A)saab kare
(Em)Do pal ki jo (G)neend uddi
(Bm)Aa poore saare (A)khwaab kare

Kya (C)krne hai umro ke (G)waade
Yeh jo (C)rehte hai (G)rehnede (D)aadhey
Do (Em)baar nhi ik (G)baar shi
Ik (D)raat ki karle tu (A)yari

Subha tak (Em)maan ke meri (G)baat
Tu aise (D)zorr se naachi (A)aj
Ki ghungroo (Em)toot gaye (G)
Ki ghungroo (D)toot gaye (A)

Chhodke (Em)saare sharam or (G)laaj
Me aise (D)zorr se naachi (A)aj
Ki ghungroo (Em)toot gye (G)
Ki ghungroo (D)toot gye (A)

Kya (C)krne hai umro ke (G)waadein
Yeh jo (C)rehte hai (G)rehnede (D)aadhey
Do (Em)baar nahi ikk (G)baar shi
Ik (D)raat ki karle tu (A)yaari

Subaah tak (Em)tham ke tera (G)hath
Tu aise (D)zorr se naachi (A)aj
Ki ghungroo (Em)toot gaye (G)
Ki ghungroo (D)toot gaye (A)

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Ghungroo Song | WAR | Hrithik Roshan, Vaani Kapoor | Arijit Singh, Shilpa | Vishal & Shekhar, Kumaar

Song Credits

Song Title: Ghungroo
: Arijit Singh & Shilpa Rao
Movie/Film: WAR
Lyrics by Kumaar
Music Composition: Vishal-Shekhar
Music Label: YRF Music
Language: Hindi
Guitar Player: Warren Mendonsa
Releasing Year: 4th September 2019

More About the Song: Ghungroo is the latest trending song and it has all the reasons to be so. Firstly this is a song featuring the Greek God Hrithik Roshan and the beautiful Vaani Kapoor. Hrithik’s dance moves are the reason why the video is a visual treat and why you want to keep on watching it, wishing that it never ends. Secondly the song has been sung by Arijit Singh. That is why everyone is already going gaga over the song. Arijjit and Shilpa have kept us hooked onto the song and Shilpa’s low scaled mellifluous vocals make us listen to this track on loop. Arijit is as usual at his best and his sturdy and gentle voice is making us drool over the melody. The beats are too groovy and the introductory music itself will compel you to run towards the dance floor and show off your twists and jigs. Ghungroo is a perfect floor filler and without this song the party is bound to be lifeless and incomplete. Vishal and Shekhar have gifted us with yet another addictive and alluring melody and Kumaar’s talent of penning down conversational words into an enchanting rhyme has added more charm to it. So don’t laze now, play the song on full volume and serenade to the beats of Ghungroo all night long.
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