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Notebook – Laila Guitar Chords | Dear readers today we are covering the latest song from the notebook movie. The lyrics of this song are penned by Vishal Mishar & Abhendra Upadhyay, music has been composed by Gaurav Vaswani and sung by Dhavani Bhanushali and has been released under the music label of T-series. The scale of this song is in C#m/Dbm, the chords that we have used are C#m, D, E, F#m, A (5 chords song).

Guitar Chords in Detail

Song Scale/Key: C#m
No. of Chords: 5
Chords Used: C#m, D, E, F#m, A
Rhythm Pattern: D UUD UUD

(F#m)Mere sir pey(C#m)hogi dhun teri(A)
Tere sir pey(D)mera fat(E)oorr Ho(A)ga
(F#m)Mujhe tum pe(C#m)naaz hai jitnaa
Tumhe(A)mujh pey(D)utna gur(E)oorr ho(A)ga
(D)Main laila ki(Bm)tarah
(E)Tu majnu sa(C#m)mashoorr ho gya

(F#m)Dekhna yeh(Bm)ekk din
(E)zarurr ho(C#m)ga
(F#m)Dekhna yeh(Bm)ek din
(E)Zaroorr ho(A)ga
(F#m)Dekhna yeh(Bm)ek din
(E)Zaroor ho(A)ga

(F#m)Chaandni se (E)dhunp tk
(D)Whi pe bikhrey(C#m)gi
(Bm7/Bm)Jiss jagah
(E)Milengey hum ye dekhna

(F#m)Aasmaan bhi (E)tutega
(D)Zameen bhi pinghale(A)gi
(Bm)Jiss jagah(A)milengey hum
Ye(E)dekh naa

(C#)Bechainiyon ka samma rhega
(D)Hoga bhi ye dekhn(F#m)aa
(C#)Dard me ye jahan rahega
(D)Hoga bhi ye dekhn(F#m)aa

Ha yhi hoga thoda-thoda(C#m)tera hoga
(A)Thoda-thoda (D)mera, kas(E)soor hoga

(D)Me laila ki (Bm)tarah
Tu(E)majnoo saa mas(C#m)hoor hoga

(F#m)Dekhna yeh(Bm)ek din
(E)zarur ho(A)ga
(F#m)Dekhna yeh(Bm)ek din
(E)jarur ho(A)ga

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Original Song Video

Notebook: Laila Song | Zaheer Iqbal & Pranutan Bahl | Dhvani Bhanushali | Vishal Mishra

Song Credits

Song Name: Laila
Film/Movie Name: Notebook
Singer/Artist: Dhavani Bhanushali
Music Composition by Gaurav Vaswani
Lyricist: Abhendra Upadhyay & Vishal Mishra
Music Label: T-Series
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Country: India
Releasing Year: 2019

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