Super 30 | Jugraafiya Chords with Strumming Pattern (Guitar)

Jugraafiya is a song that has the usual bubbly and cheerful feeling which instantly enlightens your mood and makes you happy and smiling. From the film Super 30 this track has been sung by the evergreen Udit Narayan and the melodious Shreya Ghoshal, composed by the genius Ajay Atul and penned down by the poetic Amitabh Bhattacharya. This melody from the feature film soundtrack genre uses the different guitars, drums and other string instruments mellifluously. Jugraafiya chords are simple and not much intricate. There are seven guitar chords of Jugraafiya which are Gm, Dm, A#, D#, D, Cm, & F. With a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat, the chords of Jugraafiya have a harmonious progression with a strumming pattern of DD DU DD. This melody has been played in the Gm scale. This number has a very bubbly sensation and is quite an addictive and catchy song.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Recommended Pattern: DD DU DD

d – Down Stroke on lower three strings
D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum
C – Chuck/Mute Effect

Jugraafiya Guitar Chords (without Capo)

Song Scale/Key: Gm
No. of Chords
: 7
Chords Used: Gm, Dm, A#, D#, D, Cm, & F
Strumming Pattern

Intro Music:
[Gm] [Dm]
[Gm] [Dm]

[Gm]Jbse hua tere [Dm]nazdeek hai
[Gm]Dilke mohalley me [Dm]sb thik hai
[Gm]Jbse hua tere [Dm]nazdeek hai
[Gm]Dilke mohalley me [Dm]sb thik hai

[A#]Zara sa kitaabo me [F]kam dhyaan hai
Jaada [D#]Tere khyaalo me [D]hai

[A#]Tujh se jo mil ke ma[F]za hai
Kahan woh ga[D#]nit ke sawaalon me [D]hai

Karke [Gm]gustaakhiyaan
[D]Maange na maafi[Gm]yaan
Teri [D#]chaahat ne [Cm]badla mere
[D#]Dil ka jugrafi[D]yaa

[Gm]Cycle pr leke jaunga
Samose garam khilaaunga me
Kar [Cm]waada shaniwaar ko
Bhag[F]waan ke bharose, chodke samose
[G#]Bhul jaye somwaar [D]ko

[Gm]Tere liye ghar se nikalti hun
Jab kehta hai milti hu
Ghar[Cm]waalo se chupke kabhi

Par[F]wah nhi hai meri
Jyaazdati hai teri
[G#]Kya samajh rakha hai pyar [A#]ko
Tujhe kis tarah bat[F]aaun me
Kitna za[D#]ruri tera pyaar [Gm]hai [D]

[A#]Mere adhiyaarey se [F]jeevan me
Tu he sa[D#]fedi ki chakaar [D]hai

Karke gustaakhi[Gm]yaan
[D]Maange na maafi[Gm]yaan
Teri [D#]chaahat ne [Cm]badla mere
[D#]Dil ka jugraa[D]fiya [Gm]

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Jugraafiya - Super 30 | Hrithik Roshan Mrunal Thakur|Udit Narayan Shreya Ghoshal|Ajay Atul|Amitabh B

More About the Song: Jugraafiya is a sweet romantic song. Here the word Jugraafiya is a distortion of the word geography and the song croons about how the beloved has changed the geography of the lover’s heart. The lyrics are too conversational and capture the feelings a teenage lover experiences, that innocence of his love and the excitement that love showers on him. The song has that old 90s feeling that Udit Narayan with his velvety vocals and a dulcet and gentle voice has captured rightly. Shreya is mellifluent as usual and keep us hooked onto this number with her mesmerising vocals. The song has a very rapid flow of rhythm that will make you tap your feet and snap your fingers as you sway to the tune. It has a perfect beat for performing a small jig. The tune is just too refreshing and rocking but in a smooth and relaxing way. Filmed on the stunning Mrunal and the only Greek God of Bollywood, the most handsome man Hrithik Roshan, the video is just a treat to the eyes. This song is a mood lifter and if you want to serenade with your lover in your arms and perform a romantic waltz or ballet, well then look no further because this is the right song for you.

Song Credits

Song Title: Jugraafiya
: Udit Narayan, Shreya Ghoshal
Music Composition: Ajay-Atul
Movie: Super 30
Lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya
Release Date: 15 June 2019
Country: India
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Music Label: Label: Zee Music Company

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