Papon: O Thak Geya Akhiyan Chords with Strumming Pattern

Love is beautiful but does every love story have a happy ending? Do all lovers meet in the end? NO. And this has been brought out well by the track Akhiyan. Sung by the mellifluous Papon, the melody has been penned down by the versatile duo of Gourov and Roshin and has been penned down by the poetic Kumar Juneja. Akhiyan chords are simple and easy and can be strummed by the beginners also. The guitar chords of Akhiyan are Am, G, F, C, Em, Dm. Akhiyan guitar chords provided here are accurate and verified. The melody has been played in the Am scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Akhiyan have a smooth and harmonious progression and follow the strumming pattern of DDD UDUD or DD UUD DUDU. The song belongs to the feature film soundtrack genre.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Recommended Pattern: DDD UDUD or DD UUD DUDU

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Akhiyan Guitar Chords – Papon

Song Key/Scale: Am
Status: Accurate & Verfied
Chords Used: Am, G, F, C, Em, Dm
Strumming Pattern: DDD UDUD or DD UUD DUDU

Intro Music:
[Am] [Dm] [Am] [Dm]
[Am] [Dm]

O thak geya [F]akhiyan
O jag diyan [Am]akhiyan
Mahiya na [F]aya
Labhdi aa [Am]akhiyaan

Haye [G]pyaar diyan kasama khaake
[F]Chad gya tu ishq bhulaake
[Dm]Das ja tu mera ki [G]kusoor ve

Tu akhiyaan nu [Am]kehne de
Tu akhiyaan nu [F]behne de
Jo dard [G]sataave tennu
Na dil vich [Em/C]rehne de

Tu gal kannu [Am]samjhave
Pyar kinna [F]tadpave
Jab tk na [G]aave maahi
Tu akhiyan nu [Em/C]rone de

[Am] [G] [F] [Am]
[Am] [G] [F] [G] [Am]

[C]Tere, ve tere [F]intezaar me
Dil [G]ho gya fakeera pyaar [Am]me
[C]Tujhko, bhula he na [F]ja sake
Mitt [G]javan na me sab kujh [Am]haar ke

[G]Maahi bina dil doobda jaave
[F]Maahi bina ennu chain na aave
[Dm]Vikh jaave mainu sohna [G]yr ve

Tu akhiyan nu [Am]kehne de
Tu akhiyan nu [F]behne de
Jo dard [G]sataave tainu
Na dil wich [Em/C]rehne de

Tu gal kannu [Am]samjhaave
Pyaar kinna [F]tadpaave
Jab tak na [G]aave maahi
Tu akhiyan nu [Em/C]rone de

[Am] [Am] [G] [F]
[G] [Am]

Oh thak geya [F]akhiyan
Oh jag diyan [Am]akhiyan
Maahiya na [Am] aaya[G]
Labdi aa [F]akhiyan

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Tutorial Video


Akhiyan | Gourov - Roshin | Papon | Mr. MNV | Gima | Latest Love Song #EkTarfaPyaar

More About the Song: Akhiyan is nothing but a soulful rendition. It is a guitar based song which uses other instruments quite euphoniously. This ballad is nothing but an ode to all the lovebirds separated by chance and fate. Often we come across true love but we cannot be with them due to circumstances. Akhiyan is a song for all those parted lovers. The music is soft and soothing. The tune is quite refreshing and melancholic. This heart wrenching song has a few crests and troughs in it and that is what makes it blissful to hear. A sense of pathos has been ingrained in the lyrics that have been penned down in Punjabi. Papon however steals the show with his deep and baritone vocals. He just keeps us hooked onto this melody like he did in Moh moh k dhage, Jiyein Kyu, Humnava, Kyu to name some. His classically enriched voice is nothing but divine to hear. The video of this melody is quite emotional and touching and features the TikTok sensations- Gima and Mr. MNV. The song harmonises well with the pensive and heartbroken mood. And if you too are facing a situation similar to this, then serenade to this melody and give a voice to your woes and grief.

Song Credits

Song Title: O Thak Geya Akhiyan
Music Composition
: Gourov-Roshin
Singer/Artist: Papon
Lyrics by Kunwar Juneja
Guitar Player: Gourov Dasgupta
Music Label: Sony Music Label
Releasing Year: December 9, 2019
Language: Punjabi

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