How To Start a Successful Music Blog in 2021 (*Easy Guide to Make Money)

Wondering how to start a successful music blog in 2021? I had the same thought and have faced the exact problem back in 2014, but yeah it’s 2020 now I’ve stable music blog.

I started this music blog ( in June 2014. I used to be a newbie in this field, but I have failed, learnt, tried again and succeeded. I feel it’s time to give back to the community, help others to get the success and make some money with their talent.

If you are starting music blog or any blog for the first time, then let me familiarize you with the common terms that you will come across while creating a blog although we would be read about in detail later, but it’s good to make you feel comfortable. Developing a blog isn’t a rocket science, it’s easy you just need to follow 5-6 steps.

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Common terms to know before we proceed:

    • Domain Name
      It’s your blog name. It needs to unique, simple yet memorable. It’s the URL of your website.
      Example: (I have a complex name though Lol)
    • Hosting
      You need hosting to keep your content and install WordPress on it.
    • WordPress
      More than 35% of the websites run on the WordPress. It’s one of the best blogging platform.

How to Start a Successful Music Blog in 5 Easy Steps

Now, Let’s start the music blog development guide from the step 1 to the step done.

Step #1: Pick a domain name
Step #2: Get a web hosting to host your website
Step #3: Installing WordPress
Step #4: Selecting a WordPress theme for your music blog
Step #5: Writing blog & promoting your content

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