Ishq Tera Chords by Guru Randhawa

You may not believe in love at first sight but only those who have faced it know how beautiful and enchanting it can be. The latest single Ishq Tera is the song that will help you understand these feelings better. Sung, composed and penned down by the one and only Guru Randhawa, this melody right now is the latest romantic sensation that is buzzing all around. From the feature film soundtrack genre, this song uses a variety of instruments specially the guitars and the drums very euphoniously. Ishq Tera chords are quite hard and difficult and require a lot of skills by the player to play them smoothly. The guitar chords of Ishq Tera have to be played with a capo and they are F, Dm, C, B, Gm, Gm7. The capo position is in the first fret. The song has been played in the F# scale. The chords of Ishq Tera follow a strumming pattern of D DUD D D.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Recommended Pattern: D DUD D D

d – Down Stroke on lower three strings
D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum
C – Chuck/Mute Effect

Ishq Tera Guitar Chords

Song Key/Scale: F#
Capo Position: 1st fret
Chords with Capo: F, Dm, C, B, Gm, Gm7
Strumming Pattern: D DUD D D
Difficulty: Hard

Intro Music:
[A#] [C] [F]

Mainu [Dm]pehli-pehli bar ho gya
[C]Haaye pehla-pehla pyar ho [F]gya
Dil [Dm]tere bina lagda [Gm7]nahi
[C]Dil hattho bahar ho [F]gya

Ishq [Dm]tera ishq mainu [Gm]sonn na deve
Ishq [C]tera ishq mai[F]nu ronn na deve
Ishq [Dm]tera ishq mainu [Gm]sonn na deve
Ishq [C]tera ishq mai[F]nu ronn na deve

[Dm] [Gm7] [C] [F]

[Dm]Jo-jo tu bolegi woh me [Gm7]kar jaaunga
[C]Hasdey-hasdey pyar de wich Me [F]mar jaunga
[Dm]Jo-jo tu bolegi woh me [Gm7]kar jaaunga
[C]Hasdey-hasdey pyar de Wich Me [F]mar jaunga

Pr [Dm]pyaar tera mainu kuch [Gm]honn na deve
Ishq [C]tera ishq mai[F]nu [Dm]sonn na [F]deve

[Dm] [Gm] [C] [F] [Three Times]
[Dm] [F]

[Dm]Raatan nu uth-uthke [Gm]taare ginde aann
[C]Bin mtlab behke tere [F]laare ginde aann
[Dm]Raatan nu uth-uthke [Gm]taare ginde aann
[C]Bin mtlab behke tere [F]laare ginde aann

Pyaar [D]kisey de naal aye horr [Gm]hone na deve
Ishq [C]tera ishq mainu [F]sonn na deve

Outro Music: [Dm] [Gm] [C] [Dm] [F]

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Guru Randhawa: Ishq Tera (Official Video) | Nushrat Bharucha | Bhushan Kumar | T-Series

Song Credits

Song Title: Ishq Tera
Artist/Singer: Guru Randhawa
Lyrics by Guru Randhawa
Music Composition: Guru Randhawa
Release Date: 4 September 2019
Music Label: T-Series
Language: Punjabi

More About the Song: Ishq Tera is quite a heart warming melody. The number is immensely romantic and amorous. The song is a Punjabi track with some Hindi words mixed in between. The melody croons about the whirlwind of emotions that every guy goes through when he gives out his heart to someone when he sees that girl for the first time. The turbulence of feelings has been well carved into words by Guru. The music is very soothing and refreshing. Unlike the other songs by Guru, this track runs on gently and leisurely with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. There are a few crests and troughs in the music and is quite appealing to hear. Guru’s voice is too sweet and mellifluous. He keeps us enchanted by his mesmerising vocals and compels us to come back to this song again and again. Shot in exotic and breath-taking locations, the video of this song is a delight to watch. The melody harmonises well with the romantic and the lovey-dovey mood. And if you’re planning to serenade with your lover in your arms on a romantic date night then this song is the perfect mood setter that you are looking for.
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